Famous actresses died as a result of Shock

Here are 1 famous actresses from the world died in Shock:

Rosemary Theby

Rosemary Theby (April 8, 1892 St. Louis-November 10, 1973 Los Angeles) also known as Rosemary Theresa Theby, Rose Masing or Rosemary Thebe was an American actor.

She appeared in more than 250 films between 1911 and 1958. After graduating from high school, she began her career on the stage before making a transition to silent films. She was known for her work in comedies, often playing the role of a foil to the main characters. However, she also appeared in dramas and westerns over the course of her career. In her later years, she worked as a script reader for MGM before retiring in the early 1960s. Despite her prolific career in film, she is perhaps best known today for her role as Jake Gatsby's mother in the 1926 silent film The Great Gatsby.

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