Famous musicians died when they were 65

Here are 29 famous musicians from the world died at 65:

Eric Wallace

Eric Wallace (July 16, 1938-April 28, 2004 Carlisle, Cumbria) was an English personality.

He died caused by cancer.

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Ernest Lapointe

Ernest Lapointe (October 6, 1876 Québec-November 26, 1941) was a Canadian lawyer.

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan (January 9, 1873 Ireland-June 3, 1938 Kilmallock) a.k.a. John Joseph Flanagan was an American athlete and police officer.

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Chikuhei Nakajima

Chikuhei Nakajima (January 1, 1884 Nitta District, Gunma-October 10, 1949) was a Japanese politician.

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John R. Neill

John R. Neill (November 12, 1877 Philadelphia-September 13, 1943) also known as John Neill or John Rea Neill was an American writer.

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John Ponsonby, 4th Earl of Bessborough

John Ponsonby, 4th Earl of Bessborough (August 31, 1781-May 16, 1847 Dublin) was a British personality. His children are called Frederick Ponsonby, 6th Earl of Bessborough, Walter Ponsonby, 7th Earl of Bessborough and John Ponsonby, 5th Earl of Bessborough.

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R. Gregg Cherry

R. Gregg Cherry (October 17, 1891 South Carolina-June 25, 1957 Gastonia) was an American personality.

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Edward Shepherd Creasy

Edward Shepherd Creasy (September 12, 1812 Bexley-January 17, 1878) also known as Edward Creasy or Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy was a British personality.

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Edward D. Kelly

Edward D. Kelly (December 30, 1860-March 26, 1926) also known as Father Edward Kelly was an American personality.

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Roger Rousseau

Roger Rousseau (February 6, 1921 Trois-Pistoles-September 26, 1986 Ottawa) was a Canadian personality.

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Kenji Doihara

Kenji Doihara (August 8, 1883 Okayama Prefecture-December 23, 1948 Tokyo) was a Japanese personality.

He died as a result of hanging.

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Charles Emory Smith

Charles Emory Smith (February 18, 1842 Mansfield-January 19, 1908 Philadelphia) was an American politician.

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Abel Servien

Abel Servien (November 1, 1593-February 17, 1659 Château de Meudon) was a French personality.

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John Page

John Page (April 28, 1743 Gloucester County-October 11, 1808 Richmond) was an American politician.

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Philippe Panneton

Philippe Panneton (April 30, 1895 Trois-Rivières-December 28, 1960 Lisbon) also known as Ringuet was a Canadian writer and novelist.

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Margaret McNamara

Margaret McNamara (August 22, 1915 Spokane-February 3, 1981 Washington, D.C.) a.k.a. Margaret Craig or Margaret Craig McNamara was an American teacher. Her children are Kathleen McNamara Spears, Robert Craig McNamara and Margaret Elizabeth Pastor.

She died as a result of cancer.

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Harald Hennum

Harald Hennum (May 29, 1928-October 14, 1993) was a Norwegian personality.

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Mario Lanzi

Mario Lanzi (October 10, 1914 Castelletto sopra Ticino-February 21, 1980 Schio) was an Italian personality.

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William McGregor

William McGregor (April 13, 1846 Braco-December 20, 1911 Birmingham) was a Scottish draper.

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Don Jamieson

Don Jamieson (April 30, 1921 Canada-November 19, 1986) otherwise known as Donald Campbell Jamieson was a Canadian personality.

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Mary Johnston

Mary Johnston (November 21, 1870 Buchanan-May 9, 1936 Warm Springs) was an American writer and novelist.

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Ynez Seabury

Ynez Seabury (June 26, 1907 Oregon-April 11, 1973 Sherman Oaks) also known as Inez Seabury or The Biograph Baby was an American actor.

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Julian Simon

Julian Simon (February 12, 1932-February 8, 1998 Chevy Chase) also known as Julian Simon or Julian Lincoln Simon was an American professor and economist.

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Loie Fuller

Loie Fuller (January 15, 1862 Fullersburg-January 1, 1928 Paris) was an American choreographer, dancer and actor.

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George N. Briggs

George N. Briggs (April 12, 1796 Adams-September 12, 1861 Pittsfield) also known as George Briggs was an American lawyer. He had one child, Henry Shaw Briggs.

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John Galsworthy

John Galsworthy (August 14, 1867 Kingston upon Thames-January 31, 1933 Hampstead) also known as John Sinjohn or John Galsworthy OM was a British novelist, lawyer and playwright.

He died caused by brain tumor.

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Eugène Marais

Eugène Marais (January 9, 1871 Pretoria-March 29, 1936 Pelindaba) otherwise known as Eugène Nielen Marais was a South African scientist and writer.

He died in suicide.

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Bernard Barrow

Bernard Barrow (December 30, 1927 New York City-August 4, 1993 New York City) also known as Bernard E. Barrow, Bernard E. "Bernie" Barrow or Bernie Barrow was an American actor and professor.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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Karl Nikolas Fraas

Karl Nikolas Fraas (September 8, 1810-November 9, 1875) was a German botanist.

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