Famous musicians died when they were 75

Here are 26 famous musicians from the world died at 75:

William Walden Rubey

William Walden Rubey (December 19, 1898 Moberly-April 12, 1974 Santa Monica) was an American geologist.

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Solomon Hart

Solomon Hart (April 1, 1806 Plymouth-June 11, 1881 London) was a British personality.

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Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann

Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann (July 1, 1801 Leipzig-April 21, 1877 Halle) was a German personality.

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Eraldo Monzeglio

Eraldo Monzeglio (June 5, 1906 Vignale Monferrato-November 3, 1981 Turin) was an Italian personality.

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Ernestine Schumann-Heink

Ernestine Schumann-Heink (June 15, 1861 Libeň-November 17, 1936 Hollywood) also known as Schumann-Heink, Ernestine, Ernestine Roessler, Ernestine Schumann or Schumann, Ernestine was an American singer and actor. Her children are called Ferdinand Schumann-Heink, George Washington Schumann, August Heink, Walter Schumann and Henry Heink.

Her albums: Danny Boy.

She died caused by leukemia.

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Irita Bradford Van Doren

Irita Bradford Van Doren (March 16, 1891 Birmingham-December 18, 1966) also known as Irita Bradford was an American editor.

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Charles Burke Elbrick

Charles Burke Elbrick (March 25, 1908 Louisville-April 12, 1983 Washington, D.C.) was an American diplomat.

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Raoul Dufy

Raoul Dufy (June 3, 1877 Le Havre-March 23, 1953 Forcalquier) was a French personality.

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Krishan Kant

Krishan Kant (February 28, 1927 Amritsar-July 27, 2002 New Delhi) was an Indian politician and scientist.

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George Engelmann

George Engelmann (February 2, 1809 Frankfurt-February 4, 1884 St. Louis) was an American botanist. He had one child, George Julius Engelmann.

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John King

John King (April 16, 1871-November 18, 1946) was an English personality.

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George Souders

George Souders (September 11, 1900 Lafayette-July 26, 1976) was an American race car driver.

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Melvin Frank

Melvin Frank (August 13, 1913 Chicago-October 13, 1988 Los Angeles) was an American screenwriter, film director and film producer. His child is called Elizabeth Frank.

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Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali (July 15, 1905 Jalandhar-December 2, 1980 Karachi) also known as Chaudhri Muhammad Ali was a Pakistani politician.

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Johann I Joseph, Prince of Liechtenstein

Johann I Joseph, Prince of Liechtenstein (June 26, 1760 Vienna-April 20, 1836 Vienna) otherwise known as Johann I Josef, Prince of Liechtenstein was an Austrian personality. His children are Aloys II, Prince of Liechtenstein, Prince Franz de Paula of Liechtenstein, Prince Eduard Franz of Liechtenstein and Prince Karl Johann of Liechtenstein.

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Pierre Jurieu

Pierre Jurieu (December 24, 1637 France-January 11, 1713) was a French personality.

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William Guy

William Guy (June 13, 1810 Chichester-September 10, 1885) also known as Dr. William Guy was a British statistician and physician.

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Timothy Shay Arthur

Timothy Shay Arthur (June 6, 1809 Newburgh-March 6, 1885 Philadelphia) also known as T.S Arthur, T.S. Arthur, T. S. Arthur or Timothy Arthur was an American novelist.

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Henry Alexander Baldwin

Henry Alexander Baldwin (January 12, 1871 Maui-October 8, 1946 Paia) was an American politician.

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Vere Ponsonby, 9th Earl of Bessborough

Vere Ponsonby, 9th Earl of Bessborough (October 27, 1880 London-March 10, 1956 London) was a British businessperson. He had one child, Frederick Ponsonby, 10th Earl of Bessborough.

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Carlos Lacoste

Carlos Lacoste (February 2, 1929 Buenos Aires-June 24, 2004 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine personality.

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Anil Moonesinghe

Anil Moonesinghe (February 15, 1927 Sri Lanka-December 8, 2002) was a Sri Lankan politician, lawyer and trade unionist.

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Wojciech Jerzy Has

Wojciech Jerzy Has (April 1, 1925 Kraków-October 3, 2000 Łódź) a.k.a. Jerzy Has, Wojciech J. Has, Hass Jerzy Wojciech, Wojciech Has or Hass Jerzy was a Polish screenwriter, film director, film producer and teacher. His child is Marek Has.

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Guillermo Haro

Guillermo Haro (March 21, 1913 Mexico City-April 26, 1988) was a Mexican astronomer. He had three children, Paula Haro Poniatowska, Emmanuel Haro Poniatowski and Felipe Haro Poniatowski .

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Martyn Green

Martyn Green (April 22, 1899 London-February 8, 1975 Hollywood) also known as William Martyn-Green was an English singer and actor. He had one child, Pamela Green.

His albums: Tell It Again.

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Pat Falken Smith

Pat Falken Smith (January 21, 1926 Minnesota-May 19, 2001 Van Nuys) also known as Patricia Falken Smith was an American screenwriter.

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