Famous music stars died as a result of Celiac disease

Here are 1 famous musicians from the world died in Celiac disease:

Joe C.

Joe C. (November 9, 1974 Taylor-November 16, 2000 Taylor) a.k.a. Joseph Calleja or Joseph Callejas was an American rapper.

Genres he performed include Hip hop music, Rap metal and Rap rock.

Born in Taylor, Michigan, Joe C. grew up in a musical family and started playing the guitar at a young age. He later discovered his love for hip hop and began rapping under the name "Joe C." He was best known for his collaborations with Kid Rock, with whom he formed the group Twisted Brown Trucker.

As a member of Twisted Brown Trucker, Joe C. contributed to several of Kid Rock's albums, including "Devil Without a Cause" and "Cocky." He was also featured on the hit song "Cowboy." In addition to his music career, Joe C. was also an actor, making appearances in several films including "Joe Dirt" and "Biker Boyz."

Unfortunately, Joe C. passed away on November 16, 2000, at the young age of 26, due to complications with cystic fibrosis. Despite his short career, he left a lasting impression on the music industry and is still remembered as a talented rapper and musician.

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