Filipino actors who were born in 1947

Here are 7 famous actors from Philippines were born in 1947:

Raul Aranas

Raul Aranas (October 1, 1947 Manila-) also known as Raul Arañas is a Filipino actor.

Ricky Belmonte

Ricky Belmonte (December 24, 1947 Tondo-October 3, 2001 Parañaque) also known as Jesse Cruz was a Filipino actor. He had three children, Sheryl Cruz, Patrick Sonora and Renzo Cruz.

Pepe Smith

Pepe Smith (December 25, 1947 Angeles-) also known as Joseph William Feliciano Smith, Joey Smith, Joseph William Smith, Joey 'Pepe' Smith or Joey Pepe Smith is a Filipino guitarist, musician, actor, singer-songwriter, drummer and film score composer. He has five children, Queenie Smith, Sanya Smith, Beebop Smith, Desiderata Smith and Delta Smith.

Franco Guerrero

Franco Guerrero (February 3, 1947 Laguna-) a.k.a. Francisco Almodovar Liwanag, Chito Guerrero, Franco “Chito” Guerrero or Chito is a Filipino actor.

Ronaldo Valdez

Ronaldo Valdez (November 27, 1947 Manila-) also known as Ronald James Gibbs, Ronaldo Valdes, Ronaldo James Gibbs or Ronald Gibbs is a Filipino comedian and actor. He has two children, Janno Gibbs and Melissa Gibbs.

Willy Cruz

Willy Cruz (January 30, 1947 San Miguel, Manila-) also known as Willie Cruz or Wilfredo Buencamino Cruz is a Filipino film score composer, composer and actor.

Johnny Manahan

Johnny Manahan (February 11, 1947 Quezon City-) also known as Johnny L. Manahan or Mr. M is a Filipino film director, television director, actor and screenwriter.

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