Filipino actors who died before turning 35

Here are 4 famous actors from Philippines died before 35:

Weng Weng

Weng Weng (September 7, 1957 Baclaran-August 29, 1992 Pasay) otherwise known as Ernesto de la Cruz or Weng-Weng was a Filipino actor and martial artist.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

Despite his short stature of 2 feet 9 inches, Weng Weng became a popular actor in the Philippines during the 1980s, appearing in over a dozen movies. He was often cast as a secret agent or detective in comedic action films, showcasing his martial arts skills and a comedic charm.

Weng Weng gained international recognition for his role in the 1982 film "For Y'ur Height Only", a James Bond spoof where he played Agent 00, tasked with rescuing a kidnapped scientist. The film became a cult classic and was later released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Despite his success, Weng Weng lived a simple life and was known for his humility and generosity. In his later years, he struggled financially and was reportedly exploited by those around him.

Today, Weng Weng remains a beloved figure in Filipino cinema and his fans continue to celebrate his legacy.

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Fernando Poe, Sr.

Fernando Poe, Sr. (November 27, 1916 San Carlos City-October 23, 1951 Manila) also known as Allan Fernando Poe y Reyes, F.R. Poe, Allan Fernando Poe, Allan F. Poe, Allan Fernando Reyes Poe, Fernando R. Poe, Fernando Reyes Poe or Fernando Poe was a Filipino actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter. His children are called Fernando Poe, Jr., Freddie Poe, Andy Poe, Genevieve Poe, Elizabeth Poe, Conrad Poe and Evangeline Poe.

He died caused by rabies.

Fernando Poe Sr. was a prominent figure in the early days of Philippine cinema. He appeared in several films in the 1930s and 1940s, and was known for his rugged good looks and charisma on screen. He also directed and produced a number of films, including "Durugin ang Kanyang Puso" and "Markang Bungo". Poe was a versatile actor, starring in a variety of genres including drama, action, and comedy. Despite his success, Poe had a short-lived career, passing away at the age of 34 due to complications from rabies. His legacy, however, lived on through his children, most notably his son, Fernando Poe Jr., who became a legendary actor and cultural icon in the Philippines.

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Jess Lapid

Jess Lapid (October 5, 1933 Philippines-July 13, 1968 Manila) also known as Jesus Lapid, Jess Lapid Jr. or Jess Lapid, Sr. was a Filipino actor. He had one child, Jess Lapid Jr..

Jess Lapid was considered as one of the prominent action stars during his time, appearing in numerous films and television shows. Aside from acting, he also served in the Philippine Senate as a senator from 1967 until his untimely death in 1968. Prior to his career in the entertainment industry and politics, Lapid joined the Philippine Constabulary and was a member of the PMA Class of 1955. He was also known to have been an arnis and boxing champion. Lapid's legacy as a multi-talented individual continues to be recognized through his works and achievements in various fields.

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Teody Belarmino

Teody Belarmino (April 5, 2015 Calamba, Laguna-April 5, 1984) also known as Teddy Belarmino was a Filipino actor.

He was recognized as one of the most notable leading men of Philippine cinema during the 1960s and 1970s. Belarmino made his acting debut in the 1956 film "Gilda" and went on to star in over 100 films. Some of his most popular movies include "Chop Suey Cinema," "Batangueno Kabitenyo," "Halik sa Dampi ng iyong Labi," and "Bicol Express." Despite his untimely death at the age of 49, Belarmino's legacy as a versatile and talented actor remains. He was posthumously awarded the Best Actor award at the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival for his final film "Ninja Kids."

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