Filipino musicians who were born in 1976

Here are 12 famous musicians from Philippines were born in 1976:

Anabel Bosch

Anabel Bosch (January 25, 1976 Manila-January 11, 2009 Manila) also known as Annabel Bosch was a Filipino , .

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Chito Miranda

Chito Miranda (February 7, 1976 Manila-) also known as Chito Miranda, Jr. or Alfonso Miranda, Jr. is a Filipino singer and songwriter.

Genres related to him: Funk, Rock music, Alternative rock, Hard rock, Comedy rock and Pinoy rock.

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Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda (March 31, 1976 Tondo-) a.k.a. Jose Mari Viceral, Jose Marie Borja Viceral, Jose Marie Viceral, José Marie Borja-Viceral or Vice is a Filipino actor, presenter, comedian and singer.

His discography includes: Lakas Tama, Vice Ganda and KaraKaraka. His related genres: Rock music, Music of the Philippines and Comedy.

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Gab Chee Kee

Gab Chee Kee (July 30, 1976 Manila-) a.k.a. Gabriel Ignatius Juan Chee Kee is a Filipino musician, singer and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Soft rock, Rock music and Hard rock.

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Vinci Montaner

Vinci Montaner (November 27, 1976 Manila-) also known as Francis Vincent Rosales Montaner is a Filipino , .

Genres he performed include Hard rock, Funk, Rock music, Alternative rock and Comedy rock.

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Buwi Meneses

Buwi Meneses (June 4, 1976 Manila-) also known as Buhawi Francia Meneses or Buwi is a Filipino musician.

Genres: Rock music, Alternative rock, Funk and Hard rock.

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Dindin Moreno

Dindin Moreno (March 16, 1976 Quezon City-) otherwise known as Ferdinand Alvarez Moreno is a Filipino musician.

Genres: Soft rock, Rock music and Hard rock.

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Ethel Booba

Ethel Booba (December 17, 1976 General Santos-) also known as Ethel Gabison or Ethyl Gabison is a Filipino comedian and actor.

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Geneva Cruz

Geneva Cruz (April 2, 1976 Philippines-) also known as Geneve Mendoza Cruz or Geneva Mendoza Cruz-Miller is a Filipino singer and actor.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Roselle Nava

Roselle Nava (January 16, 1976 Parañaque-) is a Filipino singer, actor and businessperson. She has one child, Andrei Rafael Nava-Tan.

Her discography includes: Roselle and Simply Roselle.

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Maloy Lozanes

Maloy Lozanes (December 13, 1976 Manila-) is a Filipino , .

Genres: Pop music, Techno, Eurodance, Europop and Dance music.

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Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke (October 22, 1976 Manila-) otherwise known as Luke van Scheppingen or Scheppingen, Luke van is a Filipino disc jockey and record producer.

Related albums: My G*O*D - Guns On Demo, Get Dumb, Natural Disaster, Be, Otherwize Then, Speak Up (The Remixes), Double O / M-See, Till Tonight, We Can Not Get Enough and Timebomb. Genres he performed: House music, Dance music, Electro house and Progressive house.

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