Finnish actors died in 1994

Here are 3 famous actors from Finland died in 1994:

Sune Mangs

Sune Mangs (December 31, 1932 Kaskinen-February 11, 1994 Sabbatsberg Hospital) a.k.a. Bengt Sune Mangs was a Finnish actor and vaudeville performer.

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Harald Molander

Harald Molander (December 25, 1909 Helsinki-July 15, 1994) was a Finnish film producer, actor and film director. His children are called Johan Molander and .

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Tapio Vilpponen

Tapio Vilpponen (May 31, 1913 Rauma-August 31, 1994 Helsinki) also known as Roy or Tapio was a Finnish film art director, screenwriter, actor, set designer, visual artist, interior designer, journalist, cartoonist, columnist, copywriter and costume designer.

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