Finnish actors died in 1999

Here are 2 famous actors from Finland died in 1999:

Tommi Rinne

Tommi Rinne (January 21, 1925 Oulu-June 10, 1999 Helsinki) also known as Tommi Jalmari Rinne was a Finnish actor.

He was best known for his work in theater and television. Rinne started his acting career in Oulu City Theatre and later became a member of the Finnish National Theatre. He appeared in several Finnish films and TV shows, including the popular drama series "Kulkuri ja Joutsen" and the comedy film "Mies, joka ei osannut sanoa ei". Rinne was also a recognized voice actor and dubbed many foreign films into Finnish. He was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal in 1992 for his contributions to Finnish culture. In addition to acting, Rinne was also a skilled painter and his artwork was featured in several exhibitions throughout Finland.

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Tarmo Manni

Tarmo Manni (July 30, 1921 Saarijärvi-September 24, 1999 Helsinki) was a Finnish actor.

He began his acting career in 1944 at the Helsinki City Theatre, and later worked in various theaters throughout Finland. Manni appeared in over 50 films in his career, including the lead role in the 1950 film "The Eternal Road," which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Story. He was also a prolific voice actor, lending his voice to numerous animated films and television series. Manni was awarded the Pro Finlandia Medal in 1972 for his contributions to Finnish culture.

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