Finnish actresses died at age 61

Here are 1 famous actresses from Finland died at 61:

Siri von Essen

Siri von Essen (August 17, 1850 Porvoo-April 22, 1912 Helsinki) was a Finnish actor. She had one child, Karin Smirnov.

Siri von Essen was also famously known for her romance with the renowned Swedish author, August Strindberg. Their relationship was tumultuous and it inspired some of Strindberg's most famous works, including "The Inferno." After their separation, von Essen continued her acting career in Helsinki and was a prominent figure in the Finnish theater scene. She also wrote poetry and published her own autobiography in 1909, which detailed her life with Strindberg. Despite her talents and accomplishments, von Essen remained a controversial figure due to her unconventional personal life and her relationship with Strindberg.

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