French actors who were born in 1928

Here are 15 famous actors from France were born in 1928:

Michel Serrault

Michel Serrault (January 24, 1928 Brunoy-July 29, 2007 Équemauville) otherwise known as Michel Lucien Serrault was a French actor. He had two children, Nathalie Serrault and Caroline Serrault.

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Édouard Molinaro

Édouard Molinaro (May 13, 1928 Bordeaux-December 7, 2013 Paris) a.k.a. Edouard Molinaro was a French screenwriter, film director, actor, television director, film editor, film producer and cinematographer.

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Roger Vadim

Roger Vadim (January 26, 1928 Paris-February 11, 2000 Paris) also known as Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov, R. Vadim, Vadim or Roger Vladimir Igorevich Plemyannikov was a French film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer, journalist, author and television director. He had four children, Christian Vadim, Nathalie Vadim, Vanessa Vadim and Vania Plemiannikov.

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Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg (April 2, 1928 Paris-March 2, 1991 Paris) also known as S. Gainsbourg, Lucien Ginzburg, Gainsbarre, Julien Grix, Gainsbourg or Lucien Ginsburg was a French singer, poet, film director, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, composer, artist, film score composer, musician, visual artist, music artist and writer. His children are called Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lucien Gainsbourg, Natacha Gainsbourg and Paul Gainsbourg.

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Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette (March 1, 1928 Rouen-) a.k.a. J. Rivette, Rivette or Pierre Louis Rivette is a French film director, screenwriter, film critic, actor and cinematographer.

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Pierre Tchernia

Pierre Tchernia (January 29, 1928 Paris-) a.k.a. "Magic" Tchernia, Monsieur Cinema, Pierre Tcherniakowski, Pierre Rochefort, Pierre 'Magic' Tchernia or Tchernia, Pierre is a French film producer, screenwriter, presenter, animator, actor, film director and voice actor.

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Bob Cousy

Bob Cousy (August 9, 1928 Yorkville-) also known as The Houdini of the Hardwood, Cooz, Robert Joseph Cousy or Robert Joseph "Bob" Cousy is a French basketball player and actor. His children are called Marie Cousy and Ticia Cousy.

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Marcel Bozzuffi

Marcel Bozzuffi (October 28, 1928 Rennes-February 2, 1988 Paris) a.k.a. Marcel Bozzufi, Marcel Bozuffi, Bozzuffi or Bozzu was a French actor, film director, screenwriter and television director.

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Pierre Étaix

Pierre Étaix (November 23, 1928 Roanne-) also known as Pierre Etaix is a French actor, clown, comedian, screenwriter, film director and author.

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Siné (December 31, 1928 Paris-) also known as Sine, Maurice Sinet or Bob Siné is a French cartoonist, screenwriter and actor. He has one child, Maud Sinet.

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Julien Guiomar

Julien Guiomar (May 3, 1928 Morlaix-November 22, 2010 Monpazier) a.k.a. Julien Joseph Charles Marie Guiomar was a French actor.

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Paul Bisciglia

Paul Bisciglia (July 30, 1928 Algiers-April 18, 2010 Nanterre) also known as Paul Bissiglia or Paolo Bisciglia was a French actor.

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Philippe Arthuys

Philippe Arthuys (November 22, 1928 Paris-January 6, 2010 Toulouse) was a French film score composer, film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Jacques Seiler

Jacques Seiler (March 16, 1928 Paris-April 1, 2004 Paris) also known as J. François Seiler, Jean-François Seiler or Jacques Seilers was a French actor.

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Jacques Chazot

Jacques Chazot (September 25, 1928 Locmiquélic-July 12, 1993 Monthyon) was a French actor.

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