Italian movie actors born in the year 1965

Here are 8 famous actors from Italy were born in 1965:

Leonardo Pieraccioni

Leonardo Pieraccioni (February 17, 1965 Florence-) is an Italian screenwriter, film director, actor and writer. He has one child, Martina Pieraccioni.

Leonardo Pieraccioni first gained popularity in the '90s with his comedy films, which often revolved around the romantic adventures of underdogs. Some of his most notable works include "Il Ciclone," "Fuochi d'artificio," and "Il Paradiso all'improvviso." In addition to his film career, Pieraccioni has also authored several books, including "Un fantastico via vai" and "Ti amo ma non troppo." Despite being a hugely successful and beloved figure in Italian cinema, Pieraccioni has faced criticism from some quarters for perpetuating stereotypes about Tuscan culture in his work.

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Corrado Guzzanti

Corrado Guzzanti (May 17, 1965 Rome-) also known as Guzzanti, Corrado is an Italian actor, film director, writer and satirist.

He comes from a family of performers and is the younger brother of the actress Sabina Guzzanti. Corrado's career began in the 1990s as a member of the popular Italian comedy show "Avanzi". He later became known for his impersonations of Italian politicians and various cultural figures on television shows like "Victor Victoria" and "Mai Dire Gol".

In addition to his television work, Guzzanti has also acted in films such as "Il Caimano" and "La Passione" and directed his own film "Viva Zapatero!" which critiques the Italian media and the country's political and social climate. He has also written several books and co-authored the satirical news program "Striscia la notizia". In 2019, Guzzanti returned to his roots in theater with a one-man show called "Guzzanti Gospels".

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Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone (July 16, 1965 Baltimore-) a.k.a. Kevin Mark Levrone, Hollywood or Maryland Muscle Machine is an Italian bodybuilder, actor, musician and entrepreneur.

He is considered one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, having won 23 professional IFBB bodybuilding competitions, and has placed second in four Mr. Olympia competitions. In addition to his successful bodybuilding career, Levrone has also dabbled in acting, with appearances in films such as "Backlash" and "Redline". He is also a talented musician, having released two albums titled "Full Blown" and "Strength Major". Outside of entertainment, Levrone is an entrepreneur as the owner of his own supplement and fitness lines. He continues to be an influential figure in the fitness industry and inspires many with his dedication and craft.

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Paolo Seganti

Paolo Seganti (May 20, 1965 Rovereto-) also known as Pillo or Paulo Seganti is an Italian actor. He has five children, Stella Seganti, Lucia Seganti, Marcello Seganti, Maddalena Seganti and Filippo Seganti.

Seganti began his acting career in Italy, appearing in numerous stage productions before transitioning to television and film work. He gained international recognition with his role as Damian Grimaldi in the popular soap opera "As the World Turns" from 1993-1995. He went on to appear in other TV shows such as "Highlander: The Series," "CSI: Miami," and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

In addition to his acting career, Seganti is also an accomplished painter and has exhibited his artwork in galleries across the US and Europe. He is fluent in multiple languages, including Italian, English, Spanish, and French. In recent years, Seganti has focused on traveling and taking on various humanitarian causes, including work with refugees and human trafficking awareness campaigns.

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Alessandro Gassman

Alessandro Gassman (February 24, 1965 Rome-) a.k.a. Alessandro Bellacanzone or Alessandro Gassmann is an Italian actor, screenwriter, film director and acting teacher. He has one child, Leo Gassman.

Alessandro Gassman is the son of well-known Italian actor Vittorio Gassman and his second wife, Juliette Mayniel. He followed in his father's footsteps, beginning his career as an actor in the early 1990s. Some of his notable film roles include "The Last Kiss" and "Manual of Love" (both directed by Giovanni Veronesi) and "Transporter 2" (directed by Louis Leterrier). Gassman is also an accomplished stage actor and has appeared in several plays in Italy and around the world. He has received numerous awards for his work in both film and theatre, including the David di Donatello Award for Best Actor. In addition to his acting career, Gassman has worked on the other side of the camera, writing and directing several films. He is also a respected acting teacher and has taught at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome.

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Flavio Insinna

Flavio Insinna (July 3, 1965 Rome-) is an Italian actor and presenter.

He is best known for hosting the Italian version of "The Wheel of Fortune" and for his lead role in the drama "Don Matteo". Insinna began his career in the late 1980s as a stage actor before transitioning to television and film. In addition to his work as an actor and presenter, he has also written a children's book and performed in several theatrical productions. Insinna is considered a popular personality in Italy and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

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Alberto Molinari

Alberto Molinari (April 14, 1965 Rome-) is an Italian film producer, film editor, actor, film director, cinematographer and screenwriter.

Molinari started his career in the entertainment industry in the late 1980s as an actor and worked his way up to other areas of filmmaking. He became known for his technical expertise and unique artistic vision, which allowed him to produce and direct award-winning films. Molinari has also received critical acclaim for his work as a screenwriter and cinematographer, contributing to the success of numerous projects. Some of Molinari's most notable works include "The Last Supper" (1995), "The Whore" (1991) and "The Bankers of God: The Calvi Affair" (2002). He has been recognized with several prestigious awards throughout his career, such as the Silver Ribbon Award for Best Documentary in 2006 and the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation's Méliès d'Argent award in 2013. With his contributions to the film industry, Molinari has become one of the most accomplished and respected figures in the Italian film world.

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Massimo Ceccherini

Massimo Ceccherini (May 23, 1965 Florence-) is an Italian actor, film director, comedian and screenwriter.

He began his career in the entertainment industry in the late 1980s as a singer in a punk band before turning his attention to acting. Ceccherini's breakthrough role came in 1995 when he starred in the Italian film "Ivo il tardivo" directed by Alessandro Benvenuti.

Ceccherini has since appeared in over 50 films and television shows in his more than three-decade-long career. He is known for his comedic performances and often portrays quirky and eccentric characters on screen. In addition to acting, he has also dabbled in screenwriting and directing.

Ceccherini has won several awards for his work in the entertainment industry, including the Best Supporting Actor award at the David di Donatello Awards in 2003 for his role in the film "Santa Maradona" directed by Marco Ponti. He is also a critically acclaimed theater actor, having appeared in several plays throughout his career.

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