French actors who were born in 1977

Here are 10 famous actors from France were born in 1977:

Alexandre Aja

Alexandre Aja (August 7, 1977 Paris-) also known as Alexandre Jouan-Arcady, Alexandre-Jouan Arcady, Alexandre Juan, Alexandre Jouan or Alexandre Jouan Arcady is a French film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor.

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Merwan Rim

Merwan Rim (July 13, 1977 Sarcelles-) is a French singer-songwriter, musician and actor.

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Nicolas Cazalé

Nicolas Cazalé (April 24, 1977 Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques-) also known as Nicolas Cazale is a French model and actor.

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Benjamin Millepied

Benjamin Millepied (June 10, 1977 Bordeaux-) a.k.a. Benjamin L. Millepied is a French actor, ballet dancer, choreographer and film producer. His child is called Aleph Portman-Millepied.

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Fred Testot

Fred Testot (February 20, 1977 Porto-Vecchio-) a.k.a. Frédéric Testot or Fred is a French actor, screenwriter and voice actor. He has one child, Lila Testot.

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Xavier Laurent

Xavier Laurent (February 11, 1977 Aix-en-Provence-) is a French actor, screenwriter and film producer.

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Jacky Ido

Jacky Ido (May 14, 1977 Ouagadougou-) also known as Jean-Jacques Ido is a French actor and rapper.

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Frédéric Chau

Frédéric Chau (June 6, 1977 Ho Chi Minh City-) is a French actor and comedian.

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Reda Kateb

Reda Kateb (July 27, 1977 Ivry-sur-Seine-) is a French actor.

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Denis Kang

Denis Kang (September 17, 1977 Saint-Pierre-) also known as The Super Korean, Denis Wang or Super Korean is a French actor.

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