French actors who were born in 1979

Here are 8 famous actors from France were born in 1979:

Jocelyn Quivrin

Jocelyn Quivrin (February 14, 1979 Dijon-November 15, 2009 Saint-Cloud) a.k.a. Jocelyn Beaufils-Guivrin, Jocelyn or Jozz was a French actor. He had one child, Charlie Quivrin.

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Salim Kechiouche

Salim Kechiouche (April 2, 1979 Lyon-) is a French actor.

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Adan Jodorowsky

Adan Jodorowsky (October 29, 1979 France-) also known as Adanowsky, Adán Jodorowsky, Adam Jodorowski or Adam Jodorowsky is a French musician, actor, film producer, screenwriter and film score composer.

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Salah (June 28, 1979 Saint-Denis-) also known as Salah Benlemqawanssa or Spider Salah is a French actor.

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François Sagat

François Sagat (June 5, 1979 Cognac, France-) a.k.a. Francois Sagat or Azzedine is a French model, film director and actor.

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Max Boublil

Max Boublil (May 17, 1979 Paris-) a.k.a. Boublil, Max, Maximilian Boublil or Maximilien Léon Boublil is a French comedian, actor and singer.

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Yodelice (February 23, 1979 Créteil-) a.k.a. Maxime Nouchy, Maxim Nucci, Maxime Rodolphe Nouchy or Maxime Nucci is a French singer, actor, singer-songwriter, musician and songwriter. His child is called Aaron Nouchy.

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Brahim Asloum

Brahim Asloum (January 31, 1979 Bourgoin-Jallieu-) is a French professional boxer and actor.

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