French actors died because of Mountaineering

Here are 1 famous actors from France died in Mountaineering:

Lionel Terray

Lionel Terray (July 25, 1921 Grenoble-September 23, 1965 Vercors Massif) was a French mountain guide, mountaineer and actor.

Lionel Terray was one of the leading mountaineers of his time and is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of high altitude climbing. He made a number of significant ascents in the Alps, the Andes, and the Himalayas, and was part of the first ascent of the Annapurna in 1950.

Apart from his mountaineering achievements, Terray was also a successful actor, having appeared in a number of films in the 1950s and 60s. He used his acting earnings to finance his mountaineering expeditions, and was widely admired for his tenacity, courage and determination in the face of adversity.

Terray died tragically in a climbing accident in the Vercors Massif in 1965, aged just 44. His legacy in the world of mountaineering continues to this day and he is remembered as a true legend of the sport.

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