French actresses who deceased in 1984

Here are 4 famous actresses from France died in 1984:

Pascale Ogier

Pascale Ogier (October 26, 1958 Paris-October 25, 1984 Paris) also known as Pascale Marguerite C├ęcile Claude Colette Nicolas or Pascale Nicolas was a French actor.

She was born in Paris to Polish and French parents and was raised in a family of artists. Ogier began her acting career in the late 1970s, appearing in several films directed by Eric Rohmer, including "Perceval le Gallois" (1978) and "The Aviator's Wife" (1981). She gained critical acclaim for her lead role in the film "Full Moon in Paris" (1984), which was directed by Rohmer.

In addition to her work in films, Ogier was also a talented stage actress and appeared in several productions in France and Switzerland. She was known for her unconventional beauty and unique screen presence.

Tragically, Ogier died of a heart attack at the age of 25, just days before her 26th birthday. Her untimely death cut short a promising career and left a lasting impact on the French film industry.

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Denise Vernac

Denise Vernac (June 3, 1916 Les Pavillons-sous-Bois-October 31, 1984 Paris) also known as Denise Yvonne Eveillard was a French actor.

She began her acting career in the 1930s and became known for her performances in films such as "Le Corbeau" (1943) and "Les Jeux Sont Faits" (1947). She also appeared in several stage productions, including plays by Jean Anouilh and Jean-Paul Sartre. Vernac was known for her distinctive voice and her ability to play a range of characters, from comic to dramatic. She continued to act in films and on stage until her death in 1984 at the age of 68.

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Yola d'Avril

Yola d'Avril (April 8, 1907 Lille-March 2, 1984 Port Hueneme) also known as Yola d'Arvil Montiague or Yola D'Avril was a French actor.

Yola d'Avril began her acting career in the 1920s and appeared in numerous French films throughout the 1930s and 1940s. She was known for her captivating screen presence and her ability to play both dramatic and comedic roles with ease. D'Avril also performed on stage, often in cabarets and music halls in Paris. During World War II, she and her husband, French actor Jacques Montagne, were active in the French Resistance. In the 1950s, d'Avril moved to the United States where she continued to act in films and on television, with roles in movies such as "The Eddy Duchin Story" and TV shows like "Bonanza" and "The Twilight Zone". She retired from acting in the 1960s and spent her remaining years in California, where she passed away at the age of 76.

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Arlette Marchal

Arlette Marchal (January 29, 1902 Paris-February 11, 1984 Paris) also known as Lucienne Marie Marchal was a French actor.

She was known for her work as a stage actor and starred in over 20 films throughout her career. Marchal began her acting career in the 1920s and became a well-known stage actor in Paris. She later transitioned to film and appeared in notable French films such as "Pepe le Moko" (1937), "La Bete Humaine" (1938), and "Le Corbeau" (1943). Despite facing setbacks during World War II for her leftist political beliefs, Marchal continued to act in films and stage productions until her retirement in the 1960s. She received critical acclaim for her performances, and was awarded the Legion of Honor in France in recognition of her contributions to the arts.

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