French actresses who deceased in 2005

Here are 9 famous actresses from France died in 2005:

Simone Simon

Simone Simon (April 23, 1910 Béthune-February 22, 2005 Paris) a.k.a. Simone Thérèse Fernande Simon was a French actor.

Simon began her acting career in the early 1930s and quickly gained popularity in French cinema. She is best known for her work in films such as La Bête Humaine (The Human Beast), La Ronde (Roundabout), and Cat People. Simon was known for her signature sultry and sensual performances on screen, which earned her the title of "the face of France" in Hollywood. She continued working in film until the late 1970s, and also had a brief stint on Broadway. In addition to her work in film, Simon was also known for her fearless activism in supporting animal rights and environmental causes. She passed away in Paris in 2005 at the age of 94.

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Zénaïde Rossi

Zénaïde Rossi (May 1, 1923 Nice-October 28, 2005 Grasse) also known as Zenaide Rossi, Irene Reni, Mme Roche or Zénaïde Roche was a French singer and actor. She had three children, Alain Latrique, Marc Y.C. Latrique and Jean-Luc Latrique.

Zénaïde Rossi began her career in the entertainment industry in the early 1940s as a singer in Parisian nightclubs. Her unique voice and strong stage presence quickly gained her recognition and she soon began performing alongside some of the most prominent artists of the era, including Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier.

In addition to her work as a singer, Rossi also appeared in several films throughout the 1950s and 1960s, including "Les Belles de Nuit" and "Toi... le venin". She often played sultry, seductive characters on screen and was known for her captivating performances.

Throughout her career, Zénaïde Rossi remained a beloved figure in the French entertainment industry, admired for her talent, charisma, and larger-than-life personality. She continued to perform well into her later years, and her music remains popular with fans today.

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Karen Lancaume

Karen Lancaume (January 19, 1973 Lyon-January 28, 2005 Paris) also known as Karine Bach, Karen Lacombe, Karen Lacome, Karen Lacoume, Karen Lancom, Carene Lancome, Karen Lancoume, Angel Paris, Karen D., Caren or Lauren Del Rio was a French pornographic film actor and actor.

She was born in Lyon, France and grew up in a troubled family. Lancaume worked as a nurse and a secretary before joining the adult film industry at the age of 23. She quickly gained notoriety for her explicit and daring performances, becoming one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Lancaume starred in over 40 films during her career, including the controversial film "Baise-moi" which sparked controversy for its graphic depiction of sex and violence.

In addition to her work in pornographic films, Lancaume also ventured into mainstream acting. She appeared in several French films, including "Marie and the Misfits" and "Inside." However, Lancaume struggled with depression and addiction throughout her life. In 2005, she tragically committed suicide in her home in Paris at the age of 32. Despite the circumstances of her death, Lancaume is remembered as a talented and boundary-pushing performer who left a lasting impact on the adult film industry.

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Emmanuelle Arsan

Emmanuelle Arsan (January 19, 1932 Bangkok-June 12, 2005 Chantelouve) a.k.a. Marayat Rollet-Andriane, Marayat Andriane, Marayat Bibidh, Krasaesundh, Virajjakkam, Virajjakari, Marajat, Virajjakam, Krassaesibor, Bibidh, Kramsaseddinsh, Rollet - Andriane, Marayat or Mariah Bibid was a French novelist, actor, screenwriter and writer.

Emmanuelle Arsan is best known for her novel "Emmanuelle" which was published in 1959. The novel was considered controversial at the time because of its explicit depiction of sexuality. It became a worldwide success and was eventually made into a film in 1974, which also gained widespread attention. Arsan wrote several other novels, many of which were also of an erotic nature. Apart from her writing career, Arsan was also an actor and screenwriter, having appeared in several French films and co-writing the screenplay for the 1974 film adaptation of Emmanuelle. She was married to the film's director, Just Jaeckin, with whom she had two children. Arsan passed away in 2005 at the age of 73.

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Nicole duFresne

Nicole duFresne (January 5, 1977 United States of America-January 27, 2005) was a French actor.

She was born in New York City and began her career as an actress in Off-Broadway plays before moving on to roles in feature films and television. Some of her notable film credits include "How to Lose Your Lover" and "Bringing Rain." In addition to her acting work, duFresne was also a writer and producer. She co-wrote and produced the short film "Falling" which was released in 2004. Tragically, duFresne was killed in a shooting in January 2005 in New York City. Her death shocked the entertainment industry and led to calls for increased gun control measures.

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Suzanne Flon

Suzanne Flon (January 28, 1918 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre-June 15, 2005 Paris) also known as Sizan Flon or Suzanne was a French actor.

Flon began her acting career on the stage in the late 1930s and went on to appear in over 100 films and television shows. She gained international recognition for her role in the film "La Passante du Sans-Souci" in 1982, for which she was nominated for a César Award for Best Supporting Actress. Flon also worked with notable filmmakers such as Orson Welles, Louis Malle, and Claude Chabrol. In addition to her acting career, she was also a painter and writer. Flon passed away in 2005 at the age of 87 in Paris.

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Blanchette Brunoy

Blanchette Brunoy (October 5, 1915 Paris-April 3, 2005 Manosque) also known as Blanche Bilhaud was a French actor.

Brunoy began her acting career in the 1930s and soon became a prominent figure in French cinema. She notably worked with acclaimed directors such as Marcel Pagnol and Jean Renoir. Brunoy was known for her talent in portraying complex and often tragic characters. She appeared in over 50 films throughout her career, many of which are considered classics of French cinema.

In addition to her work in film, Brunoy also had a successful career on stage and television. She continued to act well into her later years, with her last role coming in 1997.

Brunoy was honored with several awards throughout her career, including the Legion of Honour in 1990. She remains a beloved figure in French entertainment and is remembered as one of the greatest actors of her generation.

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Françoise Vatel

Françoise Vatel (November 28, 1937 Clichy-October 24, 2005 Paris) also known as Françoise Watel was a French actor.

She began her acting career in 1960s and acted in over 50 films during her career. Some of her popular films include "Le Voyage en douce" (1980), "Les Nuits de la pleine lune" (1984), and "Le Mariage du siècle" (1985). Vatel was also known for her work on stage and television. In addition to acting, she was a talented painter and exhibited her works in various art galleries. Vatel passed away in 2005 at the age of 67 in Paris, France.

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Renée Faure

Renée Faure (November 4, 1918 Paris-May 2, 2005 Clamart) also known as Renée Faure Sociétaire de la Comédie Française, Renee Faure de la Comédie Française or Renée Paule Nanine Faure was a French actor.

Renée Faure was born on November 4, 1918, in Paris, France. She began her acting career as a teenager, appearing in various theater productions in Paris. She made her film debut in 1938 in the movie "Le Héros de la Marne."

Faure gained wider recognition in France in the 1940s for her leading roles in films such as "Douce" and "Les jeux sont faits." She also appeared in several films alongside French actor Louis Jouvet, including "Boule de Suif" and "La Kermesse héroïque."

In 1952, Faure became a member of the Comédie Française, one of the most prestigious theater companies in France. She remained a member of the company until 1970, performing in plays by Molière, Racine, and other French playwrights.

Throughout her career, Faure was known for her elegant and refined acting style. She was also a talented singer and recorded several songs during the 1950s and 1960s.

Faure retired from acting in the 1980s and spent her later years living in Clamart, a suburb of Paris. She passed away on May 2, 2005, at the age of 86.

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