French actresses died because of Natural causes

Here are 4 famous actresses from France died in Natural causes:

Blanchette Brunoy

Blanchette Brunoy (October 5, 1915 Paris-April 3, 2005 Manosque) also known as Blanche Bilhaud was a French actor.

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Edwige Feuillère

Edwige Feuillère (October 29, 1907 Vesoul-November 13, 1998 Boulogne-Billancourt) also known as Edwige Feuillere, Edwige Louise Caroline Cunati, Cora Lynn, Cora Lyne, Edwige Louise Caroline Cunatti, Edwige 1ère or Edwige the 1st was a French actor.

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Mado Maurin

Mado Maurin (September 24, 1915 Paris-December 8, 2013) a.k.a. Madeleine Maurin was a French actor. She had six children, Dominique Maurin, Patrick Dewaere, Jean-Francois Maurin, Yves-Marie Maurin, Marie-Veronique Maurin and Jean-Pierre Maurin.

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France Roche

France Roche (April 2, 1921 Saint-Tropez-December 14, 2013 Paris) was a French screenwriter and actor. She had one child, Frédéric de Goldschmidt.

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