French musicians who were born in 1925

Here are 14 famous musicians from France were born in 1925:

Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez (March 26, 1925 Montbrison-) also known as Boulez, Pierre or Boulez is a French composer, conductor, pianist and writer.

His albums: Sonate pour piano n°1 - Sonatine (BBC Singers, Ensemble InterContemporain feat. director: Pierre Boulez), Pli selon Pli, ...explosante-fixe..., Pli Selon Pli, Répons / Dialogue de l'ombre double (Ensemble Intercontemporain feat. conductor: Pierre Boulez), Sur Incises / Messagesquisse / Anthèmes 2 (Ensemble Intercontemporain feat. conductor Pierre Boulez), Le marteau sans maître / Dérive 1 & 2 (Ensemble Intercontemporain feat. conductor: Pierre Boulez), The Three Piano Sonatas, Pli Selon Pli / Le Visage Nuptial / Le Soleil des eaux / Figures, Doubles, Prismes (BBC Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Pierre Boulez) and Boulez Conducts (disc 4). Genres: 20th-century classical music, Contemporary classical music, Serialism and Musique concrète.

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Gilles Deleuze

Gilles Deleuze (January 18, 1925 Paris-November 4, 1995 Paris) also known as Gilles. Deleuze or Deleuze, Gilles was a French philosopher. His children are Émilie Deleuze and Julien Deleuze.

Deleuze is known for his contributions to the fields of metaphysics, epistemology, and political philosophy. He was a prolific writer and published numerous books throughout his career, including "Difference and Repetition" and "Anti-Oedipus," co-written with psychoanalyst Félix Guattari. Deleuze's work emphasized the importance of creativity and intellectual experimentation, challenging traditional notions of identity and subjectivity. He was a professor of philosophy at the University of Paris VIII (Vincennes-Saint-Denis) and had a significant impact on the development of contemporary philosophy. Deleuze's ideas continue to be studied and debated by scholars around the world.

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Pierre Gripari

Pierre Gripari (July 1, 1925 Paris-December 23, 1990 Paris) was a French writer and novelist.

His most well known albums: , , , , , , and .

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Isidore Isou

Isidore Isou (January 29, 1925 Botoșani-July 28, 2007 Paris) a.k.a. Ioan-Isidor Goldstein, Jean-Isidore Golstein or Jean Isidore Isou was a French poet, film critic, visual artist, film director, actor and screenwriter.

Discography: Poèmes Lettristes 1944-1999.

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Georges Delerue

Georges Delerue (March 12, 1925 Roubaix-March 20, 1992 Los Angeles) a.k.a. George Delerue, Georges DeLerue or The Mozart of cinema was a French film score composer, composer and actor. His child is called Claire Delerue.

His most well known albums: Truffaut & Delerue on the Screen, The Day of the Dolphin, Silkwood, Les Deux Anglaises et le continent, Joe Versus the Volcano, Il conformista, 30 ans de musique de film, True Confessions, Les Musiques de Georges Delerue and The London Sessions, Volume Three: Something Wicked This Way Comes. Genres he performed include Film score.

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André Boucourechliev

André Boucourechliev (July 28, 1925 Sofia-November 13, 1997 Paris) also known as Andre Boucourechliev or Boucourechliev, André was a French , .

composer born in Bulgaria. He studied at the Sofia Conservatory and later at the Paris Conservatoire under Olivier Messiaen. Boucourechliev was known for his experimental and avant-garde approach to music, incorporating elements of electronics and aleatoric techniques in his compositions. He was also a respected music critic, serving as the chief music critic for the French newspaper Le Monde from 1977 until his death in 1997. Throughout his career, Boucourechliev had been awarded various honors and recognition for his contributions to contemporary music, such as the Grand Prix National de la Musique and the Prix Italia.

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Darry Cowl

Darry Cowl (August 27, 1925 Vittel-February 14, 2006 Neuilly-sur-Seine) a.k.a. Darryl Cowl, Darry-Cowl or André Darricau was a French actor, musician, film score composer and author.

He began his career in show business as a pianist and later transitioned into acting, appearing in numerous films and television shows throughout his career. Cowl was known for his comedic roles and his unique physical comedy style.

Aside from acting, Cowl was also a talented musician and composer, having composed the scores for several films in the 1960s and 70s. He also wrote several books, including an autobiography and a cookbook.

Cowl was a recipient of numerous accolades throughout his career, including the Legion of Honour, the highest civil merit award in France, in 2004.

Despite his success, Cowl struggled with depression and alcoholism throughout his life, and tragically died by suicide in 2006 at the age of 80. His legacy and contributions to French cinema and music continue to be celebrated to this day.

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Paul Mauriat

Paul Mauriat (March 4, 1925 Marseille-November 3, 2006 Perpignan) a.k.a. Paul Maurial, Paul Mauriat Plus, Del Roma, Del Roma Mauruit, Nico Papadopoulos, Willy Twist, Eduardo Ruo or Richard Audrey was a French conductor, composer, film score composer and musician.

His albums include Love Is Blue, I Love Breeze: Paul Mauriat on Stage, Love Is Blue: 20th Anniversary Edition, Diamond Collections, Emotion, Forever Gold, Greatest Hits (disc 1), Iberia, Mamy Blue and Nostaljazz. Genres he performed include Classical music and Easy listening.

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Marius Constant

Marius Constant (February 7, 1925 Bucharest-May 15, 2004 Paris) also known as Maurius Constant or Constant, Marius was a French , .

His albums: Visions de l'Amen. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Michel Piccoli

Michel Piccoli (December 27, 1925 Paris-) also known as Montserrat or Jacques Daniel Michel Piccoli is a French actor, musician, singer, film producer, film director and screenwriter. His children are Anne-Cordélia Piccoli, Missia Piccoli and Inord Piccoli.

Piccoli began his career in theater before transitioning to film in the 1950s. He quickly gained recognition for his versatile acting skills and appeared in over 200 films throughout his career. Some of his most notable roles include the 1963 film "Le Mépris" directed by Jean-Luc Godard, the 1971 film "Max et les ferrailleurs" directed by Claude Sautet, and the 1980 film "Atlantic City" directed by Louis Malle for which he received critical acclaim. Piccoli's acting also earned him several awards including a Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 41st Berlin International Film Festival. Additionally, he was made a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters in 1987 and a Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit in 1995 for his contributions to French culture. Besides acting, Piccoli has also directed and produced several films and authored a book of poetry.

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Michel Philippot

Michel Philippot (February 2, 1925 Verzy-July 28, 1996 Vincennes) a.k.a. Philippot, Michel was a French composer, mathematician, musicologist, music pedagogue, film score composer, educator and broadcaster.

Genres: Musique concrète.

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Henri Renaud

Henri Renaud (April 20, 1925 Villedieu-sur-Indre-October 17, 2002 Paris) also known as Renaud, Henri was a French jazz pianist.

His albums: The Complete Legendary Saturne Picture Discs, Jazz in Paris: Zoot Sims et Henri Renaud, Trio, Sextet & All Stars, and Cohn's Delight.

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Antoine Duhamel

Antoine Duhamel (July 30, 1925 Valmondois-September 11, 2014 Valmondois) was a French film score composer, conductor, composer, teacher, actor and songwriter.

His albums include Belle Epoque, Le Cinéma d'Antoine Duhamel, Pierrot le Fou / Week-End, Félicité, Ridicule, Bandes originales des films de Francois Truffaut : Les Aventures d'Antoine Doinel and Daddy Nostalgie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Genres related to him: Film score.

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Errol Parker

Errol Parker (October 30, 1925 Oran-July 2, 1998 New York City) was a French pianist.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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