Swedish music stars who deceased at age 76

Here are 21 famous musicians from Sweden died at 76:

Gunnar Björnstrand

Gunnar Björnstrand (November 13, 1909 Stockholm-May 26, 1986 Djursholm) a.k.a. Gunnar Bjornstrand, Gunnar, Knut Gunnar Johansson or Knut Gunnar Johanson was a Swedish actor. He had four children, Veronica Björnstrand, Stefan Björnstrand, Gabrielle Björnstrand and Kristina Björnstrand.

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Alf Sjöberg

Alf Sjöberg (June 21, 1903 Stockholm-April 17, 1980 Stockholm) otherwise known as Alf Sjoberg or Sven Erik Alf Sjöberg was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, actor and theatre director.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Gustaf Retzius

Gustaf Retzius (October 17, 1842 Stockholm-July 21, 1919) was a Swedish scientist.

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Einar Lönnberg

Einar Lönnberg (December 24, 1865 Stockholm-November 21, 1942 Stockholm) also known as Einar Lonnberg or Axel Johann Einar Lönnberg was a Swedish scientist.

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Gustaf Fredrik Gyllenborg

Gustaf Fredrik Gyllenborg (November 25, 1731-March 30, 1808) was a Swedish writer.

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Harald Edelstam

Harald Edelstam (March 17, 1913 Stockholm-April 16, 1989) was a Swedish diplomat.

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Arthur Herrdin

Arthur Herrdin (November 26, 1918 Lillhärdal-July 20, 1995) was a Swedish personality.

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Margit Albrechtsson

Margit Albrechtsson (February 2, 1918 Sundsvall Municipality-April 5, 1994) was a Swedish personality.

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Ingemar Johansson

Ingemar Johansson (September 22, 1932 Gothenburg-January 30, 2009 Kungsbacka) also known as Ingo, The Hammer of Thor, Jens Ingemar Johansson or Ingo, The Hammer of Thor was a Swedish professional boxer. He had five children, Maria Johansson, Thomas Johansson, Patrick Johansson, Jean Johansson and Ann Johansson.

He died caused by alzheimer's disease.

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Charles Luther

Charles Luther (August 8, 1885-January 24, 1962) also known as Karl August Luther was a Swedish personality.

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John Svanberg

John Svanberg (May 1, 1881 Stockholm-September 11, 1957 United States of America) was a Swedish personality.

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Bror Fock

Bror Fock (March 29, 1888-September 4, 1964) was a Swedish personality.

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Eyvind Johnson

Eyvind Johnson (July 29, 1900 Boden-August 25, 1976 Stockholm) was a Swedish writer, novelist, author, screenwriter and film director.

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Hans Jagenburg

Hans Jagenburg (August 18, 1894-January 5, 1971) was a Swedish personality.

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Karl Lindblom

Karl Lindblom (June 7, 1892-January 10, 1969) was a Swedish personality.

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Skotte Jacobsson

Skotte Jacobsson (February 24, 1888-October 8, 1964) was a Swedish personality.

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Sven Gustaf Wingqvist

Sven Gustaf Wingqvist (December 10, 1876 Kumla Municipality-April 17, 1953 Gothenburg) was a Swedish engineer, inventor and businessperson.

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Wilhelmina Skogh

Wilhelmina Skogh (December 14, 1849 Gotland-June 18, 1926 Stockholm) was a Swedish businessperson and hotel manager.

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Isa Quensel

Isa Quensel (September 21, 1905 Gothenburg-November 3, 1981 Solna Municipality) otherwise known as Anna Lisa Schulz was a Swedish actor and singer.

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Ellen Key

Ellen Key (December 11, 1849 Västervik-April 25, 1926) a.k.a. Ellen Karolina Sofia Key was a Swedish writer.

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Jonas Alströmer

Jonas Alströmer (January 7, 1685 Alingsås-June 2, 1761) also known as Jonas Alstromer was a Swedish personality. He had one child, Clas Alströmer.

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