French musicians who were born in 1961

Here are 24 famous musicians from France were born in 1961:

Solveig Dommartin

Solveig Dommartin (May 16, 1961 Constantine-January 11, 2007 Paris) was a French actor. Her child is Venus.

Solveig Dommartin was born in Constantine, Algeria, but grew up in the south of France. She began her career as a trapeze artist before transitioning into acting. She is best known for her role as Marion in the 1987 film "Wings of Desire," directed by Wim Wenders. She also appeared in several other Wenders films, including "Until the End of the World" and "Faraway, So Close!"

In addition to her acting career, Dommartin was also a filmmaker and wrote and directed several short films. She was also a close friend and collaborator of musician and composer, Peter Gabriel. Dommartin passed away at the age of 45 in Paris due to a heart attack.

After her debut in "Wings of Desire," Solveig Dommartin continued to receive recognition for her acting, earning a nomination for a César Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film "Malina" in 1991. She also appeared in the Hollywood film "Kafka" in 1991, directed by Steven Soderbergh. Despite her success in acting, Dommartin remained passionate about other creative pursuits, such as painting and photography. She was known for her adventurous spirit and love for travel, and even walked across the United States from Los Angeles to New York in the 1990s. In addition to her daughter Venus, Dommartin is survived by a son, Samy.

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Christophe Rousset

Christophe Rousset (April 12, 1961 Avignon-) otherwise known as Rousset, Christophe is a French harpsichordist and conductor.

His discography includes: Pièces de clavecin (Christophe Rousset), Farinelli: Il Castrato, , Clavier-Übung, Part II, , Stabat Mater, Motets, , and .

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Corinne Hermès

Corinne Hermès (November 16, 1961 France-) otherwise known as Corinne Hermes, Corine Hermes or Hermes, Corinne is a French singer.

She is best known for winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983 with her song "Si la vie est cadeau" (If life is a gift). After her Eurovision win, Corinne continued to release music in French and German, including the albums "Corinne Hermes" and "Tout simplement". She also represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1989 with the song "Ne partez pas sans moi" (Don't leave without me). Outside of her music career, Corinne has also worked as a television presenter for French and German television networks.

Additionally, Corinne Hermes began her music career at a young age, singing in local competitions and festivals. She signed her first record contract at the age of 16 and released her debut album, "Mon cœur de soie" (My Heart of Silk), in 1979. However, it was her success at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983 that propelled her music career to new heights. In total, she has released over 10 albums throughout her career. Corinne is also known for her philanthropic work, including her involvement with the World Wildlife Fund and the fight against animal cruelty. She has been recognized for her charitable efforts with multiple awards and honors.

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Art Mengo

Art Mengo (September 16, 1961 Toulouse-) also known as Michel Armengot is a French singer.

His albums: Entre mes guillemets, La Vie De Château, Les Parfums de Sa Vie, Croire Qu'un Jour ..., Live au Mandala, La Mer N'existe Pas, Guèr(r)e d'amour, Un 15 août en février, Sujet libre and .

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Manu Chao

Manu Chao (June 21, 1961 Paris-) otherwise known as José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao, Oscar Tramor, José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao Ortega or José Manuel Arturo Tomás Chao is a French singer, musician, record producer, film score composer, singer-songwriter, guitarist and actor.

Discography: Clandestino, Próxima Estación: Esperanza, Live in Genova 2001, Me Gustas Tu, Mister Bobby, Radio Bemba Sound System, Sibérie m'était contéee, Sibérie m'était contéee, Millenium Hits and The Best Of. Genres: Reggae, World music, Punk rock, Latin American music, Jazz, Ska, Rock music, Alternative rock, Salsa music and Latin alternative.

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Alexandre Desplat

Alexandre Desplat (August 23, 1961 Paris-) a.k.a. Alexadre Desplat, Alexandre Michel Gérard Desplat, Alexandre Desplats or Alexandre is a French film score composer, orchestrator, conductor, composer and actor. He has two children, Ninon Desplat and Antonia Desplat.

Discography: The Luzhin Defence, Girl With a Pearl Earring, L'Enquête Corse, The Upside of Anger, Hostage, Firewall, Birth, Nid de guêpes, Lust, Caution and The Golden Compass. Genres he performed: Film score.

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Mylène Farmer

Mylène Farmer (September 12, 1961 Pierrefonds, Quebec-) also known as Mylene Farmer, Mylhne Farmer, Mylène Jeanne Gautier, Mylène Gautier or Farmer, Mylène is a French singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, record producer and writer.

Her albums: Cendres de lune, Ainsi soit je..., En concert, Anamorphosée, Live à Bercy, Innamoramento, Les Mots, Avant que l'ombre..., Peut-être toi and California. Genres: Pop music, Electronica, Rock music, Electronic dance music, Dance music, New Wave, Electronic music and Synthpop.

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Jean-Marc Leclercq

Jean-Marc Leclercq (October 10, 1961 Toulouse-) otherwise known as Leclercq, Jean-Marc or JoMo is a French singer.

His albums: JoMo kaj Liberecanoj, jOmO slavumas, JoMo Friponas! and .

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Axel Bauer

Axel Bauer (April 7, 1961 Paris-) also known as Bauer, Axel is a French singer.

His albums: Bad Cowboy, La Désintégrale, Personne n'est parfait, Sentinelles, Simple mortel, , , , and .

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Samy Naceri

Samy Naceri (July 2, 1961 4th arrondissement-) also known as Saïd Naceri or Sami Naceri is a French actor. He has one child, Julian Naceri.

His albums include .

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Laurent Boutonnat

Laurent Boutonnat (June 14, 1961 Paris-) a.k.a. Pol Ramirez Del Piu or Patrice Rouillon Tsernsoff de Gironville is a French film director, film score composer, film producer, screenwriter, musician and songwriter.

Discography: Jacquou le Croquant and Giorgino.

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Stéphane Sanseverino

Stéphane Sanseverino (October 9, 1961 Paris-) otherwise known as Sanseverino or San Severino is a French singer, musician, songwriter, actor and voice actor.

His most recognized albums: Les sénégalaises, Le tango des gens, Live au théatre Sebastopol, Exactement, , , , Honky Tonk, and .

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Jean-Yves Thibaudet

Jean-Yves Thibaudet (September 7, 1961 Lyon-) a.k.a. Thibaudet, Jean-Yves or Jean-Yves Thaubaudet is a French pianist.

His most well known albums: The Chopin I Love, Conversations with Bill Evans, Reflections on Duke, Aria: Opera Without Words, Saint-Saëns: Piano Concertos 2 & 5, The Magic of Satie, Valse brillante, Piano Concertos, Pride & Prejudice and . Genres: Jazz and Classical music.

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Franck Amsallem

Franck Amsallem (October 25, 1961 Oran-) a.k.a. Amsallem, Franck is a French jazz pianist, musician and composer.

Discography: Out a Day and Summer Times. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Daniel Lévi

Daniel Lévi (August 26, 1961 Constantine-) also known as Daniel Levi, Daniel Levy or Daniel Lévi is a French film director. He has three children, Abel Levi, Rephaël Levi and Rivka Levi.

His albums: Entre parenthèses, , and L'envie d'aimer. His related genres: Pop music.

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Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny (November 6, 1961 Chalon-sur-Saône-) a.k.a. Pagny, Florent is a French musician, actor, singer and songwriter. His children are called Inca Pagny and Ael Pagny.

His most well known albums: Réaliste, Eté 2003 à l'olympia, Baryton, En concert, Florent Pagny, Là où je t'emmènerai, Baryton, Pagny chante Brel, Savoir aimer and Ailleurs land. Genres: Pop music.

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Philippe Russo

Philippe Russo (October 4, 1961-) is a French , .

His discography includes: , , , , and Corps et âme. His related genres: Pop music.

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Louis Langrée

Louis Langrée (January 11, 1961 Mulhouse-) also known as Louis Langree is a French conductor and music director.

His discography includes: Violin Concertos 1 & 3 / Sinfonia Concertante and Hallowed Ground.

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Frédéric Talgorn

Frédéric Talgorn (July 2, 1961 Toulouse-) also known as Frederic Talgorn is a French composer and film score composer.

His most important albums: Molière, Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques and Peyton Place.

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Nicolas Bacri

Nicolas Bacri (November 23, 1961 Paris-) is a French , .

His albums: .

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Alain Lanty

Alain Lanty (November 28, 1961 Auray-) is a French , .

His albums: Les milles et une vie d'Ali Baba and Les milles et une vies d'Ali Baba. Genres he performed: Film score.

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Marc-André Dalbavie

Marc-André Dalbavie (February 10, 1961 Neuilly-sur-Seine-) a.k.a. Marc-Andre Dalbavie or Dalbavie, Marc-André is a French composer.

Related albums: Color and .

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Pierre Estève

Pierre Estève (February 11, 1961 Cahors-) also known as Estève, Pierre is a French film score composer, musician, music artist and journalist.

His most important albums: Atlantis: The Lost Tales, Black Moon Chronicles and Atlantis II. Genres related to him: World music, Folk music, Contemporary classical music and Rock music.

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Emmanuel Séjourné

Emmanuel Séjourné (July 16, 1961 Limoges-) a.k.a. Séjourné, Emmanuel is a French composer and percussionist.

He began his musical career at an early age, studying piano and percussion. He continued his studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, where he studied with legendary musicians such as Jacques Delécluse and Gaston Sylvestre.

Throughout his career, Séjourné has performed all over the world, collaborating with some of the most renowned orchestras and conductors of our time. He has also written numerous works for percussion, including marimbas, vibraphones, drums, and more.

Séjourné is known for his eclectic style, drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, including rock, jazz, and classical music. He has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the world of music, including being named a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, one of the highest honors awarded by the French government.

Today, Séjourné continues to compose music, teach, and inspire young percussionists around the world. His works are performed and studied by musicians of all ages and skill levels, making him one of the most influential percussionists and composers of our time.

In addition to his successful career as a composer and performer, Emmanuel Séjourné is also a sought-after educator. He has taught percussion at many prestigious institutions across the globe, including the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, the Royal College of Music in London, and the University of Montreal. Many of his former students have gone on to have successful careers in the world of music.

Séjourné's music has been featured in a number of films, television shows, and commercials. He has also collaborated with other artists, including singer-songwriter Francis Cabrel, experimental rock band Ulan Bator, and classical pianist Alexandre Tharaud.

His discography includes several critically acclaimed albums, including "Attraction," "Concerto for Marimba and Strings," and "Nancy," which was nominated for a Victoire de la Musique award in 2005.

Emmanuel Séjourné's contributions to the world of percussion and contemporary classical music have been widely recognized and celebrated. His innovative compositions and virtuosic performances have inspired countless musicians and continue to shape the direction of modern music.

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