French musicians died because of Tuberculosis

Here are 3 famous musicians from France died in Tuberculosis:

Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold

Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold (January 28, 1791 Paris-January 19, 1833) also known as Ferdinand Herold or Hérold, Ferdinand was a French composer.

His albums include .

Herold was born in a family of musicians and began his musical studies at a young age. He quickly gained recognition for his talents and became a popular composer in Paris during the early 19th century. Herold is best known for his opera "Zampa", which premiered in 1831 and earned him widespread acclaim.

In addition to his operas, Herold also composed numerous works for ballet and theater, as well as a number of piano pieces and songs. Despite his short life, his contributions to French music were highly influential and his works continue to be performed and celebrated today.

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Hyacinthe Jadin

Hyacinthe Jadin (April 27, 1776 Versailles-September 27, 1800 Paris) was a French , .

His most well known albums: Sonates pour pianoforte (feat. piano: Jean-Claude Pennetier).

Hyacinthe Jadin was born into a musical family and began studying music at a young age. He was a child prodigy and became a student of François-Joseph Gossec at the age of nine. Jadin went on to become a prolific composer, writing works for piano, chamber ensembles, and orchestra. He was known for his skillful use of harmony and his ability to combine elements of classical and romantic music.

Jadin's career was cut short when he died at the age of 24 from tuberculosis. Despite his short life, he left behind a significant body of work that continues to be studied and performed today. In addition to his compositions, Jadin is also remembered for his influence on the development of French music during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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Tristan Corbière

Tristan Corbière (July 18, 1845 Ploujean-March 1, 1875 Ploujean) also known as Tristan Corbiere or Édouard-Joachim Corbière was a French poet.

His discography includes: .

Tristan Corbière was born into a wealthy family in Brittany, France. He studied law and literature before devoting himself to poetry. His work was heavily influenced by the symbolist movement and his poems often explored dark, melancholy themes. Despite his talent, Corbière struggled with poverty and illness throughout his life, and he died at the young age of 29 from tuberculosis. Despite his short life and career, Corbière left a lasting legacy on French poetry and is still celebrated today as one of the most important poets of the nineteenth century. In addition to his poetry, Corbière was also an accomplished musician and played several instruments. He is credited with composing several songs, although none of his music has survived to the present day.

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