German actors who deceased at age 51

Here are 9 famous actors from Germany died at 51:

Alexander Granach

Alexander Granach (April 18, 1893 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast-March 14, 1945 New York City) otherwise known as Jessaja Granach, Jessaja Szajko Gronish, Hermann Gronach or Jessaja Szajko Gronach was a German actor. He had one child, Gad Granach.

He died as a result of pulmonary embolism.

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Manfred Salzgeber

Manfred Salzgeber (January 10, 1943-August 12, 1994 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Dirk Bach

Dirk Bach (April 23, 1961 Cologne-October 1, 2012 Lichterfelde) also known as Dickie was a German actor, comedian and television producer.

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Helmuth Schneider

Helmuth Schneider (December 18, 1920 Munich-March 17, 1972 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Alexander Carlos, Alexandre Carlos or Helmut Schneider was a German actor.

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Max Ehrlich

Max Ehrlich (December 7, 1892 Berlin-October 1, 1944 Poland) was a German screenwriter, actor and film director.

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Clemens Hasse

Clemens Hasse (April 13, 1908 Königsberg-July 28, 1959 New York City) was a German actor and voice actor.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Leonhard Haskel

Leonhard Haskel (April 7, 1872 Seelow-December 30, 1923 Berlin) a.k.a. Leonard Heskel was a German actor, teacher and screenwriter.

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Viktor Schwanneke

Viktor Schwanneke (February 8, 1880 Kissenbrück-June 7, 1931 Berlin) also known as Viktor Schwannecke, Viktor Schwanneke-Willberg or Viktor von Schwannecke was a German actor. He had one child, Ellen Schwanneke.

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Harry Frank

Harry Frank (October 15, 1896 Berlin-December 12, 1947 Berlin) was a German actor.

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