German actors who deceased at age 64

Here are 17 famous actors from Germany died at 64:

Veit Harlan

Veit Harlan (September 22, 1899 Berlin-April 13, 1964 Capri) was a German film director, screenwriter, actor, writer and film producer. His children are called Thomas Harlan, Maria Körber and Susanne Körber.

He died caused by pneumonia.

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Wolfgang Langhoff

Wolfgang Langhoff (October 6, 1901 Berlin-August 25, 1966 East Berlin) was a German actor and film director. His children are Thomas Langhoff and Matthias Langhoff.

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Walter Sedlmayr

Walter Sedlmayr (January 6, 1926 Munich-July 14, 1990 Munich) also known as Walther Sedlmayer or Walter Sedlmayer was a German actor, film director, television director and screenwriter.

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Günther Kaufmann

Günther Kaufmann (June 16, 1947 Munich-May 10, 2012 Berlin) also known as Gunther Kaufmann, Günter Kaufmann, Guenther Kaufmann or Kaufmann, Guenther was a German actor and singer. He had two children, Dave Kaufmann and Eva Kaufmann.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Franz Seitz, Sr.

Franz Seitz, Sr. (April 14, 1887 Munich-March 7, 1952 Schliersee) otherwise known as F. Seitz was a German screenwriter, film director and actor. His children are called Franz Seitz, Jr. and Hans Terofal.

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Max Gülstorff

Max Gülstorff (March 23, 1882 East Prussia-February 6, 1947 Berlin) otherwise known as Max Gulstorff, Max Walter Gülstorf or Max Walter Gülstorff was a German actor.

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Paul Klinger

Paul Klinger (June 14, 1907 Essen-November 14, 1971 Munich) also known as Paul Karl Heinrich Klinksik was a German actor and voice actor. His children are Christine Klinger and Michael Klinger.

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Marquard Bohm

Marquard Bohm (June 27, 1941 Hamburg-February 3, 2006 Wetter (Ruhr)) also known as Marquardt Bohm, Marquart Bohm or German Belmondo was a German actor and film director.

He died caused by heart failure.

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Rolf Römer

Rolf Römer (September 20, 1935 Königswinter-March 15, 2000 Berlin) a.k.a. Rolf Specht or Rolf Romer was a German actor.

He died in accident.

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Ernst Hofmann

Ernst Hofmann (December 7, 1880 Berlin-April 27, 1945 Potsdam) also known as Ernst Carl Heinrich Hofmann von Schönholtz was a German actor.

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Hans-Peter Reinecke

Hans-Peter Reinecke (May 16, 1941 Magdeburg-November 20, 2005 Berlin) a.k.a. Hans-Peter Reinicke or Hans Peter Reinecke was a German actor.

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Paul Biensfeldt

Paul Biensfeldt (March 4, 1869 Berlin-April 2, 1933 Berlin) a.k.a. Paul Bien Feldt was a German actor.

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Joe Stöckel

Joe Stöckel (September 27, 1894 Munich-June 14, 1959 Munich) also known as J. Stöckel, Joe Stöckl, Joe Marcco or Josef Stöckel was a German film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Victor Beaumont

Victor Beaumont (November 7, 1912 Berlin-March 21, 1977) a.k.a. Peter Wolff was a German actor.

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Walther Süssenguth

Walther Süssenguth (February 8, 1900 Schleiz-May 4, 1964 Berlin) also known as Walther Suessenguth, Walther Suessengut, Walter Suessenguth or Walter Süssenguth was a German actor.

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Aruth Wartan

Aruth Wartan (June 23, 1880 Nakhchivan-April 14, 1945 Berlin) a.k.a. A. Wartan or Arutjun Wartanian was a German actor and film producer.

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Rudolf Klein-Rhoden

Rudolf Klein-Rhoden (January 27, 1871 Brno-January 5, 1936 Lichterfelde) was a German actor and film director.

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