German actors who deceased in 1983

Here are 3 famous actors from Germany died in 1983:

Erik Ode

Erik Ode (November 6, 1910 Berlin-July 19, 1983 Kreuth) also known as Eric Ode, Fritz Erik Signy Odemar or Ode was a German actor, film director and television director.

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Wolfgang Lukschy

Wolfgang Lukschy (October 19, 1905 Berlin-July 10, 1983 Berlin) a.k.a. W. Lukschy was a German actor. He had three children, Wolfgang Lukschy, Stefan Lukschy and Mathias-Michael Lukschy.

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Hannjo Hasse

Hannjo Hasse (August 31, 1921 Bonn-February 5, 1983 Falkensee) otherwise known as H.Hasse or Hanjo Hasse was a German actor.

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