German actors who died due to Assassination

Here are 1 famous actors from Germany died in Assassination:

Igo Sym

Igo Sym (July 3, 1896 Innsbruck-March 7, 1941 Warsaw) also known as Karl Julius Sym, Karol Juliusz "Igo" Sym, Karol Juliusz Sym or Julian Charles Sym was a German actor, soldier and entertainer. His child is called Julian Sym.

Igo Sym began his acting career in the 1920s, performing in theaters across Germany and Austria. He became well-known for his comedic roles and appeared in a number of successful films during the 1930s.

With the outbreak of World War II, Sym joined the German army and fought on the Eastern Front. However, he was soon discharged due to health reasons and returned to acting.

In 1940, Sym was invited to perform in Warsaw, where he decided to stay and work for the Polish resistance. He used his entertainment skills to smuggle news and messages, as well as to lift the spirits of the oppressed population.

Sadly, Sym was captured by the Gestapo in early 1941 and executed at Pawiak prison in Warsaw. Despite his short time in Poland, he became a symbol of resistance and his legacy continues to be celebrated today.

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