German actors who died due to Hanging

Here are 1 famous actors from Germany died in Hanging:

Ernst Reicher

Ernst Reicher (September 19, 1885 Berlin-May 1, 1936 Prague) also known as Ernst Erwin Preichert was a German film producer, actor, screenwriter and film director.

He started his career as an actor in silent films and soon transitioned into producing and directing, founding his own production company in the 1920s. Reicher was known for his work in the genre of historical films, and his most famous production was the epic "The Loves of Pharaoh" (1922). He also worked with famous German actresses, including Marlene Dietrich and Zarah Leander. However, as a Jew, he faced persecution under the Nazi regime and was forced to flee Germany in 1933. He eventually settled in Prague, where he continued to work in the film industry until his untimely death in 1936.

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