German actors who died due to Lung Infection

Here are 1 famous actors from Germany died in Lung Infection:

Heinz Schubert

Heinz Schubert (November 12, 1925 Berlin-February 12, 1999 Hamburg) was a German photographer, actor and acting teacher.

He began his career as a photographer, but later transitioned to acting and made his debut on stage in 1948. He quickly became a popular character actor, appearing in numerous films and TV shows throughout his career.

Schubert was also known for his work as an acting teacher, having taught at several prestigious institutions including the Hamburg School of Acting. He was known for his unique approach to teaching and for inspiring his students to develop their own individuality and creativity as actors.

In addition to his acting and teaching career, Schubert also worked as a producer and director on several projects. He was highly respected in the entertainment industry and received numerous accolades for his work over the years.

Schubert remained active in his career until his passing in 1999, leaving behind a lasting legacy as both an actor and mentor to aspiring actors.

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