German actresses who deceased at age 51

Here are 3 famous actresses from Germany died at 51:

Susanne Lothar

Susanne Lothar (November 15, 1960 Hamburg-July 21, 2012 Berlin) also known as Suzanne-Rota or Suzanne rotor was a German actor. She had two children, Sophie Marie Mühe and Jacob Mühe.

Lothar was best known for her work in the films of director Michael Haneke, including "The White Ribbon" and "Funny Games." She also appeared in other notable German films such as "The Reader" and "The Princess and the Warrior." In addition to her work on film, she was a prolific stage actor and appeared in numerous productions throughout her career. Lothar was praised for her ability to embody complex and challenging characters and was widely regarded as one of the most talented actors of her generation. Her unexpected death in 2012 was a great loss to the German film and theater industries.

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Agnes Straub

Agnes Straub (April 2, 1890 Munich-July 8, 1941 Berlin) was a German actor.

She began her acting career on stage in Munich before transitioning to film, where she appeared in over 30 films. Some of her notable roles include Frau Wendel in the film "The Street" (1923) and Frau Permaneder in "The White Hell of Pitz Palu" (1929). Straub was a versatile actress, able to play both comedic and dramatic roles with equal skill. She continued acting through the 1930s despite the growing influence of the Nazi party in Germany, but her career was cut short when she was arrested by the Gestapo in 1941. She died later that year in prison under mysterious circumstances. Despite her tragic end, Agnes Straub is remembered as a talented and versatile actress of the German silent film era.

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Natasha Lytess

Natasha Lytess (April 5, 2015 Berlin-April 5, 1964) otherwise known as Tala Forman, Natasha Lytesse or Natalie Postmann was a German acting coach and actor.

She died as a result of cancer.

Lytess is best known for her work as an acting coach to Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe during the 1950s. She helped Monroe improve her acting skills and coached her for many of her most famous roles, including "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "The Seven Year Itch". Despite their close partnership, the two women had a complicated relationship, with Monroe eventually ending their professional partnership due to Lytess' controlling behavior. Lytess had a long and varied career in both Europe and the United States, both as an actor and a coach. In addition to her work with Monroe, she worked with many other famous actors of the era, including Ava Gardner and Olivia de Havilland.

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