German musicians who were born in 1964

Here are 31 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1964:


C.C.Catch (July 31, 1964 Oss-) also known as C.C. Catch, CCCatch, CC Catch, Caroline Muller, Caroline Müller or Caroline Catharina Müller is a German singer, singer-songwriter, record producer and songwriter.

Her albums include Diamonds: Her Greatest Hits, Super 20, Back Seat of Your Cadillac, Super Disco Hits, Best of '98, BEST '99 I Can Lose My Heart, In the Mix, Shake your Head 2003, Silence and The Very Best Of. Genres she performed include Pop music, Disco, Italo disco, Euro disco and Synthpop.

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Nick Menza

Nick Menza (July 23, 1964 Munich-) is a German musician, songwriter and drummer. He has one child, Nicholas Sebastian Menza.

Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Speed metal, Thrash metal and Hard rock.

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Rob Pilatus

Rob Pilatus (June 8, 1964 New York City-April 2, 1998 Frankfurt) also known as Pilatus, Rob, Robert Pilatus or Milli Vanilli was a German singer, dancer and model.

Genres he performed include Funk, Pop music, Dance music, Hip hop music and Rap music.

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Nicole (October 25, 1964 Saarbrücken-) also known as Nicole Hohloch or Nicole Seibert is a German singer.

Her albums include Best of 1982-2005, Die größten Erfolge, Alles Liebe, Für die Seele, Weihnachten mit Nicole, Golden Stars, Abrakadabra, Alles fliesst, Meine Nr. 1 and Christmas Songs: Fröhliche Weihnacht mit Nicole.

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Andi Deris

Andi Deris (August 18, 1964 Karlsruhe-) also known as Deris, Andi or Andreas Deris is a German singer.

His albums include Done by Mirrors, Come in From the Rain and Million Dollar Haircuts On Ten Cent Heads. Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Power metal, Speed metal, Rock music and Hard rock.

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Christoph Heemann

Christoph Heemann (November 2, 1964 Germany-) also known as Christoph Heeman, Heemann, Christoph, Chrtistoph Heeman or Heeman, Chrtistoph is a German , .

Discography: Time Is the Simplest Thing, Days of the Eclipse, The Rings of Saturn, Aftersolstice, Invisible Barrier, Magnetic Tape Splicing, Retrace, Bloomington, Indiana... Autumn, Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of the Abyss and Hot Buttered Xhol.

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Jan Josef Liefers

Jan Josef Liefers (August 8, 1964 Dresden-) is a German actor, musician, film director and film producer. He has four children, Lilly Anna Sophia Liefers, Leonhard Liefers, Lola Marie Josefine Liefers and Paulina Liefers.

His most recognized albums: Jack's Baby.

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Claudia Jung

Claudia Jung (April 12, 1964 Ratingen-) otherwise known as Ute Krumenast, Jung, Claudia, Ute Singer or Ute Krummenast is a German singer, actor and politician.

Her albums: Auch wenn es nicht vernünftig ist, Herzzeiten (2004), Träumen erlaubt, Amore Amore, Augenblicke, Claudia Jung, Domani l'amore vincerà, Du ich lieb' dich, Ein Lied, das von Liebe erzählt and Etwas für die Ewigkeit.

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Siggi Mueller

Siggi Mueller (October 12, 1964 Hutthurm-) also known as Siegfried Müller or Siggi Müller is a German composer, photographer, musician and film score composer.

His albums include . Genres he performed include Film score.

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DJ Quicksilver

DJ Quicksilver (June 28, 1964 Trabzon-) otherwise known as Dj Quicsilver, D.J. Quicksilver, DJ Quiksilver, DJ Qicksilver, DJ Quick Silver, Quicksilver, Quicksilver, DJ, Orhan Terzi or Terzi, Orhan is a German disc jockey and record producer.

His most recognized albums: Bingo Bongo, Quicksilver, Planet Love, Bellissima, Escape to Paradise / Timerider, Escape 2 Planet Love, Ameno, Clubfiles One, Clubfiles: The Album and Boombastic. Genres: Electronic music, Techno, Trance music and House music.

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Dorothee Pesch

Dorothee Pesch (June 3, 1964 Düsseldorf-) also known as Doro Pesch or Doro is a German singer, songwriter, actor and record producer.

Her most recognized albums: Raise Your Fist, Doro, 25 Years in Rock... and Still Going Strong, Machine II Machine, Live, Warrior Soul, Metal Queen – B-Sides & Rarities, Best Of, White Wedding and In Liebe und Freundschaft. Genres: Power metal, Glam metal, Hard rock and Heavy metal.

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Hape Kerkeling

Hape Kerkeling (December 9, 1964 Recklinghausen-) a.k.a. Horst Schlammer, Hans-Peter Kerkeling, Horst Schlämmer, Hans Peter Wilhelm Kerkeling, Horst Schlaemmer, Hans Peter Kerkeling, Blum, Uschi, Schlämmer, Horst or Kerkeling, Hape is a German comedian, actor, voice actor, author, presenter and singer.

His albums: Total Boh!, Kein Pardon, Hannilein und Co, Erwarten se nix, Die 70 min. Show, Das Beste von Hurz bis Helsinki is Hell, Schätzelein, Gisela: Isch möschte nischt...!, Hurz!!! and Sklavin der Liebe.

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Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell (January 12, 1964 Hamburg-) is a German singer.

Genres he performed include Hardcore punk, Hard rock, Street punk, Punk rock and Oi!.

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Tommy Schleh

Tommy Schleh (December 10, 1964 Neckarbischofsheim-) also known as Klubbingman, The Klubbingman, DJ Klubbingman or Klubbing Man is a German , .

Discography: Open Your Mind, Highway to the Sky, No Limit (On the Beach), Never Stop This Feeling, Magic Summer Night, Love Message (feat. Trixi Delgado), Welcome to the Club, Technics DJ Set, Volume Eleven, Are U Ready (feat. Beatrix Delgado) Part 1 and Are U Ready, Part 2.

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Peter Schorowsky

Peter Schorowsky (June 15, 1964 Hösbach-) otherwise known as Pe is a German drummer and musician.

His albums include . Genres he performed include Hard rock.

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René Pape

René Pape (September 4, 1964 Dresden-) a.k.a. Rene Pape or Pape, René is a German singer, opera singer and actor.

His albums include Die Walküre, Live in Berlin: Symphony no. 9 “Choral”, Das Rheingold and Missa Solemnis.

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Sven Väth

Sven Väth (October 26, 1964 Frankfurt-) also known as Sven Vath, Svan Väth, Sven Vaeth, Sam Vision, R U Ready or Väth, Sven is a German disc jockey and record producer.

His discography includes: Fusion, Contact, Sven Väth in the Mix: The Sound of the Fifth Season, Ballet-Fusion, Vision, Sven Väth in the Mix: The Sound of the Second Season: Noche y Dia, Sven Väth in the Mix: The Sound of the First Season, Sven Väth in the Mix: The Sound of the Fourth Season, Harlequin: The Beauty and the Beast and L'Esperanza. His related genres: House music, Techno, Trance music, Electronica, Ambient music, Electronic dance music and Intelligent dance music.

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Torsten Fenslau

Torsten Fenslau (April 23, 1964 Kleinheubach-November 6, 1993 Darmstadt) also known as Thorsten Fenslau was a German disc jockey and record producer.

His albums: The Dream: Best of Torsten Fenslau, Play It Again (remix), Der Weisse Hai, , The Dream (Get Into Magic mix) and Play It Again. Genres he performed: Eurodance.

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Martin Schneider

Martin Schneider (May 25, 1964 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe-) also known as Maddin Schneider, 'Maddin' Schneider or Martin Rudolf Schneider is a German actor and comedian.

His albums: Aschebeschär, Best of Maddin and Sischär is sischä !.

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Ben Becker

Ben Becker (December 19, 1964 Bremen-) is a German actor, singer and writer. He has one child, Lilith Maria Dörthe Becker.

His discography includes: Engel wie wir, Fieber: Tagebuch eines Aussätzigen, Und lautlos fliegt der Kopf weg, , , and .

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Frank Rennicke

Frank Rennicke (December 18, 1964 Braunschweig-) also known as Rennicke, Frank is a German singer.

His albums include Frühwerk-Edition, Volume 1, Auslese, Kameraden!, Der Väter Land, Frühwerk-Edition, Teil 2 and Ich bin nicht modern... Ich fühle deutsch.

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Gottfried von der Goltz

Gottfried von der Goltz (June 1, 1964 Würzburg-) a.k.a. Goltz, von der, Gottfried is a German violinist, musician, conductor and music director.

His albums include , and .

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Franziska Pigulla

Franziska Pigulla (May 6, 1964 Neuss-) also known as Pigulla, Franziska is a German actor and voice actor.

Pigulla started her career as a stage actress in various theaters across Germany. She later transitioned into voice acting and became known for her dubbing work of famous characters in movies and TV shows. Some of her notable voice-over works in Germany include the German version of Xena: Warrior Princess, The Sopranos, and Sex and the City. In addition to her voice acting, Pigulla has also appeared in a number of German TV shows and films. She is also recognized for her work as a narrator for several audiobooks and as a voice talent for commercials and documentaries. Pigulla has won numerous awards for her contributions to the entertainment industry in Germany.

Pigulla's voice acting work has not only been limited to German productions. She has also dubbed many international films and television shows into German, including the voice of Sandra Bullock in the German version of Miss Congeniality. Pigulla is also known for her work as a narrator for documentaries, such as National Geographic's "In the Womb" and "The Dog Whisperer".

Aside from her acting and voice work, Pigulla is also a trained classic female singer, and has performed in various concerts in Germany. In her personal life, Pigulla is known as a passionate animal rights activist and has been involved in several animal welfare campaigns.

In recognition of her contributions to the entertainment industry, Pigulla has been awarded several accolades, including the German Dubbing Award and the Golden Headset Award. She is considered one of the most prominent and versatile voice actresses in Germany.

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Paul Landers

Paul Landers (December 9, 1964 Berlin-) also known as Landers, Paul, Paul H. Landers, Heiko Paul Hiersche or Paul Henry Hiersche is a German guitarist and musician. He has one child, Emil Reinke.

Genres he performed: Neue Deutsche Härte and European industrial metal.

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Piet Sielck

Piet Sielck (November 14, 1964 Hamburg-) is a German singer and musician.

Genres he performed include Heavy metal and Power metal.

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Oliver Fartach-Naini

Oliver Fartach-Naini (August 7, 1964 Münsterlingen-) is a German guitarist and teacher.

His related genres: Classical music and Tango music.

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Dirk Reichardt

Dirk Reichardt (September 9, 1964 Oldenburg in Holstein-) is a German film score composer, record producer, sound designer, composer and keyboard player.

His albums: Der rote Baron.

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Jan Vogler

Jan Vogler (February 18, 1964-) is a German cellist.

Related albums: Experience: Live From New York, The Secrets of Dvořák's Cello Concerto, Triple Concerto / Symphony no. 5, New Worlds and Concerti di Venezia. Genres: Classical music.

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Spyra (December 12, 1964 Eschwege-) a.k.a. Der Spyra or Wolfram Spyra is a German composer and film score composer.

His albums: Future of the Past, Elevator to Heaven, Orphan Waves, Meditationen, Invisible Fields, Etherlands, Sferics, My Little Garden of Sounds, Phonehead and Headphone Concert: Little Garden of Sounds II.

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Uwe Kröger

Uwe Kröger (December 4, 1964 Germany-) also known as Kröger, Uwe is a German singer and actor.

Discography: and .

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Tobias Künzel

Tobias Künzel (May 26, 1964 Leipzig-) a.k.a. Künzel, Tobias is a German singer, composer, teacher and musician.

His discography includes: .

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