German musicians who were born in 1982

Here are 21 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1982:

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst (April 30, 1982 Point Pleasant-) otherwise known as Kirsten Caroline Dunst or Kiki is a German actor, model, singer and voice actor.

Dunst began her career in the entertainment industry as a child actor, appearing in various commercials and television shows. She gained wider recognition for her role as Claudia in the film adaptation of Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire" in 1994, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. Dunst went on to star in a series of popular films, including "Jumanji," "Little Women," "Drop Dead Gorgeous," and the Spider-Man trilogy.

Aside from acting, Dunst has also worked as a model, appearing in numerous fashion campaigns and gracing the covers of magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. She has also lent her voice to animated projects such as "Anastasia" and "The Cat's Meow."

In addition to her work in film and fashion, Dunst has also released music, recording two songs for the soundtrack of "Get Over It" and collaborating with indie rock band Rilo Kiley on a song for their album "Under the Blacklight." Dunst continues to work in the entertainment industry, appearing in films such as "The Beguiled" and the television series "On Becoming a God in Central Florida."

Dunst was born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and grew up in a family of performers. Her father was a medical services executive and her mother was a flight attendant turned artist. She started acting at the age of three, appearing in a television commercial. At the age of twelve, she landed her breakthrough role in "Interview with the Vampire," which brought her global recognition.

Over the years, Dunst has received critical acclaim for her performances in independent films such as "Melancholia" and "The Virgin Suicides." She won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 for her role in the Lars von Trier film "Melancholia." She has also received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her role in the TV series "Fargo."

In addition to her acting career, Dunst is actively involved in various philanthropic causes. She has worked with organizations such as the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the Art of Elysium. Dunst has been recognized for her charitable work with the ASPCA Compassion Award and the PETA Humanitarian Award.

Dunst is married to actor Jesse Plemons and the couple has two children together.

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Tobias Regner

Tobias Regner (August 5, 1982 Teisendorf-) also known as Regner, Tobias is a German singer, musician and songwriter.

His albums: I Still Burn, Straight, and . Genres related to him: Rock music.

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Gil Ofarim

Gil Ofarim (August 13, 1982 Munich-) also known as Gil & Tal, Gil or Gil Doron Reichstadt Ofarim is a German singer and actor.

His most important albums: Here I Am, If You Only Knew (feat. The Moffatts), In Your Eyes, On My Own, Round 'n' Round (It Goes), Talk to You, The Album, Walking Down the Line, Out of My Bed (Still in My Head) and The Best Of Gil ... So Far. Genres he performed: Pop music, Rock music and Pop rock.

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Nadja Benaissa

Nadja Benaissa (April 26, 1982 Frankfurt-) also known as Benaissa, Nadja is a German singer, songwriter, actor, model and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Know Your Emotion, Schritt für Schritt and Es ist Liebe. Genres she performed include Rhythm and blues, Soul music and Pop music.

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Gülcan Kamps

Gülcan Kamps (September 20, 1982 Lübeck-) is a German presenter.

She gained popularity through her appearance on the reality show "Germany's Next Top Model" in 2006. After that, she worked as a presenter for various television channels including VIVA, RTL II and ProSieben.

In 2012, Kamps married Sebastian Kamps, a former professional footballer, and they have two children together. In addition to her work as a presenter, Kamps is also known for her fashion and beauty blog, where she shares her tips and personal style. She has also written a book on pregnancy and motherhood.

Kamps is actively involved in charity work and supports various organizations that focus on children's welfare and education. She was awarded the "Golden Camera" for Best Entertainment Program in 2008 and has been nominated for various other awards throughout her career.

Kamps grew up in Lübeck, Germany, with her Turkish immigrant parents. She attended the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, where she studied media culture and journalism. Before her rise to fame as a TV presenter, Kamps worked as a flight attendant for Lufthansa.

In addition to her television work, Kamps has appeared in several films and TV series, including the German comedy "Macho Man" and the TV drama "In aller Freundschaft". She has also participated in several reality shows, such as "Das perfekte Promi-Dinner" and "Let's Dance".

Kamps is known for her signature blonde hair and glamorous style, which has made her a popular fashion icon and influencer in Germany. She has collaborated with numerous fashion and beauty brands, and has presented her own clothing and jewelry lines.

Kamps is also a passionate advocate for animal rights and veganism, and often uses her platform to promote ethical and sustainable lifestyle choices. She has been recognized for her activism with awards such as the "Veggie Award" and the "Animal Welfare Award".

Despite her busy career and philanthropic work, Kamps is a devoted mother and often speaks about the joys and challenges of raising children in the public eye. She has said that her family is her top priority, and that she hopes to serve as a positive role model for working mothers everywhere.

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Fler (April 3, 1982 Berlin-) also known as Patrick Decker, Frank White, White, Frank or Patrick Losensky is a German rapper.

His albums include Nach Eigenen Regeln, Aggroberlina, Papa ist zurück, NDW 2005, Neue Deutsche Welle, Airmax Muzik, Trendsetter, Südberlin Maskulin, Fler and . Genres he performed: Hip hop music.

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Gracia (November 18, 1982 Munich-) also known as Gracia Baur or Gracia Arabella Baur is a German singer.

Her albums include I Don't Think So!, Intoxicated and When the Last Tears Been Dried. Genres she performed: Rock music.

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Massiv (November 9, 1982 Pirmasens-) is a German rapper.

His most important albums: Meine Zeit, Blut gegen Blut, Ein Mann - Ein Wort, , , , and . Genres: Gangsta rap and Hip hop music.

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Oceana (January 23, 1982 Wedel-) a.k.a. Oceana Mahlmann is a German , .

Her albums: Love Supply, Cry Cry, Endless Summer (Official Song EURO 2012), Endless Summer, My House, Far Away (feat. Leon Taylor) and Body Rock: Remixes (Part 1). Genres she performed include Reggae, Funk, Soul music, Pop music, Contemporary R&B and Dance-pop.

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DJ Robin Clark

DJ Robin Clark (April 6, 1982 Oldenburg-) a.k.a. Bazzface is a German disc jockey and record producer.

Genres he performed: Hardstyle.

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Henrik Freischlader

Henrik Freischlader (November 3, 1982 Wuppertal-) a.k.a. Freischlader, Henrik is a German songwriter, musician and record producer.

Related albums: Recorded by Martin Meinschäfer, Tour 2010 Live, Still Frame Replay and Night Train to Budapest. Genres he performed: Jazz, Funk, Rock music, Blues rock, Blues and Soul music.

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Hannes Grossmann

Hannes Grossmann (September 8, 1982-) also known as Hannes grossmann or Grossmann, Hannes is a German , .

Discography: The Radial Covenant. Genres he performed include Technical death metal, Death metal and Progressive metal.

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Daniel Ruczko

Daniel Ruczko (July 3, 1982 Bremen-) also known as Rusher is a German film producer, cinematographer, artist, screenwriter, film director and music artist.

Discography: Counting to Infinity / Impact.

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Casper (September 25, 1982 Extertal-) also known as Benjamin Griffey is a German singer, rapper and musician.

Discography: Die Welt hört mich, Grundstein EP, Hin zur Sonne, Herz aus Holz 2009, , , Auf und davon, XOXO, and Hinterland. Genres he performed include Rap rock, Indie rock, Punk rock, Alternative rock, Metalcore and Hardcore punk.

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Boys Noize

Boys Noize (August 22, 1982 Hamburg-) otherwise known as Alexander Ridha, Kid Alex, Alex Ridha, Boyz Noise or Boyz Noize is a German record producer and disc jockey.

His albums: Loverboy, The Bomb / Boy Neu, Feel Good (TV=Off), Lava Lava, Optic / He-Man, Kill the Kid, Young Love (Topless), Restless, Colorz and Are You In?. Genres he performed include Techno, Electro, Electronica, Electronic music, Dance-punk, Tech house, House music, Fidget, Nu-disco, Alternative dance, Electro house and Acid house.

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Marteria (December 4, 1982 Rostock-) also known as Marten Laciny or Marsimoto is a German musician, rapper, football player and model. He has one child, Louis Laciny.

His albums: Halloziehnation, Zu zweit allein, Base Ventura, Zum König geboren, Zum Glück in die Zukunft, , Grüner Samt, , Big Bang and . His related genres: Hip hop music, Electro and Alternative hip hop.

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Crada (June 26, 1982-) is a German record producer.

Genres related to him: Hip hop music, Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm (September 20, 1982 Hamburg-) is a German composer and musician.

His albums: The Bells, Wintermusik, 7fingers, Music for Lovers, Music Versus Time, Perform 'Dauw', Screws, Felt, , Music for Wobbling Music Versus Gravity and . Genres he performed include Folk music, Instrumental and Ambient music.

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Robin Tom Rink

Robin Tom Rink (January 19, 1982-) is a German singer-songwriter.

His albums: The Dilettante.

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David Pfeffer

David Pfeffer (April 11, 1982 Dorsten-) is a German singer.

His albums: I Mind and Waking Life and Fading Pictures. Genres he performed include Pop rock, Alternative rock, Pop music and Indie pop.

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Joana Zimmer

Joana Zimmer (October 27, 1982 Freiburg im Breisgau-) also known as Zimmer, Joana is a German singer.

Her discography includes: I Believe (Give a Little Bit...), My Innermost, Bringing Down the Moon, I've Learned to Walk Alone, The Voice in Me, Showtime, Miss JZ and Let's Make History.

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