Greek movie stars died in 1951

Here are 1 famous actresses from Greece died in 1951:

Sapfo Alkaiou

Sapfo Alkaiou (November 17, 1877 Istanbul-November 17, 2014 Athens) was a Greek actor. She had one child, Maria Alkaiou.

Sapfo Alkaiou was born in Istanbul to a Greek family. She studied acting at the National Theatre of Greece and made her stage debut in 1902. Throughout her career, she appeared in numerous theatre productions, films, and television shows, becoming a beloved figure in Greek entertainment. Some of her most notable roles include Clytemnestra in "Agamemnon" and Hecuba in "The Trojan Women." She also starred in several popular Greek films, including "Laterna, ftoheia kai filotimo" and "Oi paranomoi." In addition to her acting career, Alkaiou was known for her philanthropic work, supporting various charities and foundations throughout Greece. She passed away on her 137th birthday in 2014, leaving behind a legacy as one of Greece's most renowned actresses.

During her lifetime, Sapfo Alkaiou received many accolades for her contributions to Greek theatre and film. She was awarded the Gold Cross of the Order of the Phoenix, one of Greece's highest civilian honors, in recognition of her lifelong dedication to the arts. In addition to her acting work, Alkaiou was also a respected teacher and mentor to young actors, passing on her knowledge and expertise to future generations of Greek performers. While she remained active in the entertainment industry until her mid-90s, Alkaiou also lived a quiet life outside of the spotlight, spending time with her family and continuing to support charitable causes in Greece. Her legacy continues to inspire and influence Greek actors and artists to this day.

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