Greek musicians born in 1934

Here are 6 famous musicians from Greece were born in 1934:

Aliki Vougiouklaki

Aliki Vougiouklaki (July 20, 1934 Marousi-July 23, 1996 Athens) also known as Aliki Vuyuklaki, Aliki-Stamatina Vougiouklaki or Aliki Stamatina Vougiouklaki was a Greek actor and singer. She had one child, Giannis Papamichael.

Her albums: Cabaret, , , , , , , , and .

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Dimitris Papamichael

Dimitris Papamichael (August 29, 1934 Piraeus-August 8, 2004 Athens) a.k.a. Dimitri Papamichael or Dimitris Papamichail was a Greek actor. His child is called Giannis Papamichael.

His discography includes: and .

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Nikos Kourkoulos

Nikos Kourkoulos (December 5, 1934 Athens-January 30, 2007 Athens) also known as Nicholas Kirk was a Greek actor. He had four children, Alkis Kourkoulos, Melita Kourkoulos - Kyriakopoulos, Philip Kourkoulos and Errieta Kourkoulos.

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Giorgos Katsaros

Giorgos Katsaros (March 7, 1934 Corfu-June 22, 1997) also known as Jiorgos Katsaros or Katsaros, Jiorgos was a Greek film score composer, musician, songwriter, art director, conductor and saxophone player. He had one child, Antonis Katsaros.

Related albums: O dromos gia ta Kythira, Meta apo senane and Aigaio Agiopelagos.

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Nikos Xanthopoulos

Nikos Xanthopoulos (August 31, 1934 Athens-) is a Greek actor and singer.

His albums: 100%, , , , , , , , and .

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Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri (October 13, 1934 Chania-) also known as Νανά Μούσχουρη, Ioanna Mouskhouri, Mouskouri, Nana or Nana Mouskouri and the Athenians is a Greek singer, politician, actor and peace activist. She has two children, Hélène Petsilas and Nicolas Petsilas.

Discography: Passport, Nana, Only Love: The Very Best of Nana Mouskouri, Nana Swings: Live at Jazzopen Festival, I'll Remember You, Alles Liebe, Alone, As Time Goes By, At Her Very Best and Athina. Genres she performed include Folk music, Jazz, Pop music, World music, Classical music, French pop music, Easy listening and Greek folk music.

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