Guinea-Bissauan musicians died at 61

Here are 1 famous musicians from Guinea-Bissau died at 61:

Kumba Ialá

Kumba Ialá (March 15, 1953 Bula-April 4, 2014 Bissau) also known as Kumba Iala was a Guinea-Bissauan politician.

Kumba Ialá was known for being the President of Guinea-Bissau from 2000 to 2003. He came to power through a military coup and was later ousted in another coup. Ialá was a controversial figure and faced criticism both nationally and internationally. He was accused of corruption, human rights violations, and mismanagement of the country's economy. Despite his shortcomings, he was praised for his efforts in promoting democracy and fighting against poverty. After leaving office, Ialá remained active in politics and was a candidate in several presidential elections but never won.

He died caused by cardiac arrest.

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