Haitian musicians died at 42

Here are 1 famous musicians from Haiti died at 42:

Arsène Auguste

Arsène Auguste (February 3, 1951 Haiti-March 30, 1993) was a Haitian personality.

He was a well-known journalist, writer, and political activist. Auguste was a prominent figure in the Haitian human rights movement and dedicated his life to advocating for democracy and social justice in his country.

Throughout his career, Auguste was a vocal critic of Haiti's ruling regimes, including the Duvalier family dictatorship. He co-founded the Haitian Group for Research and Action on Human Rights and served as its spokesman until his death.

In addition to his political activism, Auguste was also an accomplished writer. He authored several books, including "Rendezvous with Haiti: A Collection of Short Stories," which explored the complexities of Haitian society and culture.

Auguste's untimely death in 1993 at the age of 42 was widely mourned in Haiti, where he remains a celebrated figure and influential voice for human rights and democracy.

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