Hongkongese actors died in 2002

Here are 1 famous actors from Hong Kong died in 2002:

Lo Lieh

Lo Lieh (June 29, 1939 Pematangsiantar-November 2, 2002 Shenzhen) a.k.a. Loh Lieh, Joe Lee, Lida Wang, Lo Lien, Wong Lap-Dat, Law Leed, Lit Law, Wang Lap Tat, Wang Lap-tat, 羅烈, 罗烈, 王立達, Lieh Lo, Lo Liee, Luo Lie, Law Lik, Law Lit, Ro Re, Ro Rye, Lao Lit, Lo Lei, Luo Lieh, Law Lieed, Ro Lieh, Lo Lih, Wong Lit-Tat, Wong Laap-Daat or Wong Lap-Tat was a Hongkongese actor and film director. His children are called , and .

Lo Lieh is best known for his roles in martial arts films, particularly as the antagonist in several Shaw Brothers Studio productions in the 1970s. He appeared in over 100 films throughout his career, spanning from the 1960s to the early 2000s. In addition to his acting work, he also directed a number of films. Despite being a prolific star in Hong Kong cinema, Lo Lieh remained relatively unknown in the Western world until the 2000s. He passed away in 2002 at the age of 63.

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