Hungarian actors died in 2002

Here are 4 famous actors from Hungary died in 2002:

Sandor Elès

Sandor Elès (June 15, 1936 Budapest-September 1, 2002 London) also known as Sandor Eles, Éles Sándor or Sandor Elés was a Hungarian actor.

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Miki Dora

Miki Dora (August 11, 1934 Budapest-January 3, 2002 Montecito) also known as The Black Knight, Mickey Dora Jr., Miki "Da Cat" Dora, Miklos Sandor Dora, Mickey Dora, Miklos S. Dora III, The Muhammad Ali of Surfing, Miki, The Master of Malibu, The King of Malibu, The Black Knight of Malibu, Da Cat or The Angry Young Man of Surfing was a Hungarian actor, stunt performer and surfer.

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György Fehér

György Fehér (February 12, 1939 Budapest-July 15, 2002 Budapest) also known as György Feher was a Hungarian screenwriter, film director, cinematographer and actor.

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Fred Haggerty

Fred Haggerty (July 14, 1918 Budapest-November 27, 2014) also known as Fred Haggarty was a Hungarian actor and stunt performer.

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