Hungarian actresses died at age 73

Here are 1 famous actresses from Hungary died at 73:

Edit Soós

Edit Soós (August 7, 1934 Budapest-July 13, 2008 Budapest) otherwise known as Edith Soós, Sturcz Edit or Sós Edit was a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

She started her career in theater and later transitioned into film and television. Soós appeared in numerous films and TV shows including the popular Hungarian series "Szomszédok" (Neighbors). She was also a prolific voice actor, providing the Hungarian dubbing for notable foreign productions. Some of her notable voice roles include Mrs. Potts in the Hungarian dub of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and the Queen in the Hungarian dub of "Shrek". Soós was honored with several awards for her contributions to Hungarian film and theater.

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