Indian movie stars born in 1939

Here are 12 famous actors from India were born in 1939:


Jayan (July 25, 1939 Kollam-November 16, 1980 Chennai) also known as Krishnan Nair was an Indian actor, military officer and stunt performer.

Jayan was born in Kollam, Kerala, India. After completing his education, he joined the Indian Army and served for a few years. He later left the army to pursue his passion for acting. Jayan made his acting debut in 1971 with the Malayalam film 'Saraswati Sabatham'. However, he gained popularity and acclaim for his roles in films like 'Angadi', 'Thacholi Ambu', 'Muthassi', and 'Kolilakkam'.

Jayan was also known for performing his own stunts in films, which added to his popularity as an action star. Sadly, Jayan passed away at the age of 41 due to a tragic accident on the sets of the film 'Kolilakkam'. He is remembered as one of the most talented and versatile actors in the Indian film industry.

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Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan (September 25, 1939 Bangalore-April 27, 2009 Bangalore) a.k.a. Feroze, Feroze Khan, Firoz Khan, Khan Saab, Feeroz, Firoz, Feroz, Khan, Zulfikar Ali Shah Khan or the Clint Eastwood of the East was an Indian actor, film producer, film director, film editor, screenwriter and writer. His children are called Fardeen Khan, Laila Khan and Sonia Sethia.

Throughout his career, Feroz Khan acted in over 50 films and won various awards for his remarkable performances. He made his acting debut in the late 1960s with the film "Didi" and went on to star in many successful movies such as "Arzoo", "Aadmi Aur Insaan", "Dharmatma", and "Qurbani" among many others.

Apart from acting, Feroz Khan was also a successful film producer and director. He produced and directed the hit film "Janbaaz" which starred his son, Fardenn Khan. He also directed and produced other successful films like "Qurbani", "Dayavan", and "Yalgaar".

Feroz Khan was known for his unique style and persona which earned him the title of the "Clint Eastwood of the East". He was also a trendsetter in the Indian film industry with his stylish outfits and cars.

During his lifetime, Feroz Khan was honored with several awards including the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film "Gandhi".

Feroz Khan passed away in 2009 due to lung cancer at the age of 69 in his hometown of Bangalore, India.

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J. Mahendran

J. Mahendran (July 25, 1939 Ilaiyangudi-) a.k.a. Mahendran, J. Alexander or Alexander is an Indian film director, editor, screenwriter and actor. He has one child, John Mahendran.

J. Mahendran started his career as a writer and made his directorial debut with the Tamil film Mullum Malarum in 1978. The film was a critical and commercial success and won several awards. Mahendran's other notable films include Uthiripookkal, Nenjathai Killathe, Johnny, and Pettaikaran. He has also acted in a few films and received critical acclaim for his performances.

Mahendran is known for his realistic and socially relevant films which often deal with themes such as class struggle, love, and relationships. He has been recognized for his contributions to Tamil cinema and was awarded the Padma Shri in 2019.

Despite his success as a filmmaker, Mahendran remained humble and was highly respected by his colleagues in the industry. He passed away on April 2, 2019, leaving behind a legacy of films that continue to inspire and entertain audiences.

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Jagdeep (March 29, 1939 Datia-) a.k.a. Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jaffry, Jagdeeep, Jagdip, Jag Deep or Jagdeep Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jaffry is an Indian actor. He has five children, Jaaved Jaffrey, Suraiya Jaffry, Shakira Shafi, Hussein Jaffry and Naved Jaffery.

Jagdeep began his career as a child artist and appeared in the film, Afsana, in 1951. He later went on to act in over 400 films in Hindi and Urdu languages. Some of his notable works include, Sholay, Andaz Apna Apna, Purana Mandir, Brahmachari, and more.

Apart from acting, Jagdeep has also produced and directed films. He directed the movie, Soorma Bhopali, which is a spin-off of his iconic character, Soorma Bhopali, from the film, Sholay.

Jagdeep was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 5th Indian Telly Awards in 2005. He was also awarded the Filmfare Best Comedian Award in 1967 for his role in the film, Brahamchari.

Jagdeep is known for his impeccable comic timing and his ability to make audiences laugh with his spontaneous one-liners.

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Joy Mukherjee

Joy Mukherjee (February 24, 1939 Jhansi-March 9, 2012 Mumbai) also known as Joy Mukerji or Joy Mukerjee was an Indian actor, film director and film producer. His children are called Sujoy Mukherjee, Monjoy Mukherjee and Simran Mukherjee.

Joy Mukherjee was born in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India, and grew up in Dehradun. He attended the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, where he trained as an actor. He made his film debut in the 1960 film Love in Shimla, which was a huge commercial success and established him as a leading actor in Bollywood's romantic genre. Some of his other notable films include Shagird, Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon, Love in Tokyo, Ziddi, and Ek Musafir Ek Hasina.

In addition to acting, Mukherjee also directed and produced films. He directed and produced the film Chhaila Babu in 1967, which starred himself and Asha Parekh. He also produced the 1974 film Dil Aur Deewar, which starred Jeetendra and Mala Sinha.

Mukherjee was married to actress Neelam Mukherjee, also known as Tanuja, from 1973 to 1979. He died on March 9, 2012, in Mumbai at the age of 73.

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Partap Sharma

Partap Sharma (December 12, 1939 Lahore-November 30, 2011 Mumbai) also known as Pratap Sharma or Pat was an Indian novelist, playwright, actor and author. He had two children, Tara Sharma and Namrita Sharma.

Sharma started his career in advertising but later moved to theatre and writing. He rose to fame with his play "A Touch of Brightness" which won the Fringe First award at the Edinburgh Festival in 1972. He wrote over a dozen plays in English, Hindi and Punjabi, including "Khadija" and "The Square-Pegs". He also wrote several books, including "The Village", "A Season of Ghosts" and "The Ghost of Firozsha Baag". Apart from writing, he was also a prominent actor and appeared in films like "Gandhi" and "The Deceivers". He was awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and the Sahitya Akademi Award for his contributions to Indian theatre and literature.

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Rahul Dev Burman

Rahul Dev Burman (June 27, 1939 Kolkata-January 4, 1994 Mumbai) also known as RD Burman, R.D. Burman, R. D. Burman, R D Burman, Rahul Dey Burman, Late Shri R.D. Burman, Rahul Burman, Rahuldev Burman, Pancham, Rahul, Rahul Deb Burman, Pancham da, Panchamda, Tublu or Panchamda, Rahul was an Indian film score composer, actor and music director. He had three children, Hemant Bhosle, Anand Bhosle and Varsha Bhosle.

R.D. Burman started his career at the young age of nine as a tabla player. He later went on to assist his father, renowned music composer Sachin Dev Burman, and finally made his debut as a solo music composer with the film Chhote Nawab in 1961.

Throughout his career, R.D. Burman composed music for over 300 films, including hit movies like Teesri Manzil, Sholay, Amar Prem, and Yaadon Ki Baaraat, among others. He was known for his innovative style of blending various genres of music, including Indian classical, jazz, and rock, which revolutionized the music industry in India.

R.D. Burman also won several awards for his work in the film industry, including three Filmfare Awards, and was posthumously awarded the Padma Shri by the government of India in 1995. He is still considered one of the most influential music composers in India, and his music continues to be popular among music lovers even today.

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Gollapudi Maruti Rao

Gollapudi Maruti Rao (April 14, 1939 Vizianagaram-) a.k.a. Maruthirao Gollapudi, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao or Maruti Rao is an Indian actor, journalist, screenwriter, television director, writer, film editor, film director, playwright and newscaster.

He was born in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India and completed his education in Hyderabad. He began his career as a journalist and worked for several leading newspapers and magazines before transitioning to the world of cinema. Maruti Rao has written several popular Telugu films including Sankarabharanam, which was a huge hit and won a National Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu. He has also written for popular television shows and directed a number of successful plays. Rao has acted in over 250 films in Telugu and has won several awards for his performances including the prestigious Nandi Award. He continues to be a prominent figure in the Telugu film industry and has inspired several upcoming writers and directors with his work.

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Jagannatha Varma

Jagannatha Varma (May 1, 1939 Cherthala-) otherwise known as K. N. Jagannatha Varma is an Indian actor and police officer. He has two children, Manu Varma and Priya Varma.

Jagannatha Varma began his career in the police force, where he worked for several years before venturing into acting. He made his acting debut in the Malayalam film industry in 1978 with the film "Mattoly." He went on to become a prominent actor in the industry and has acted in more than 300 films. Some of his notable films include "Kireedam," "Narasimham," "Sarkar Dada," and "Njan Gandharvan."

In addition to his successful acting career, Jagannatha Varma was also a writer and has written a book titled "Oru Police Surgeonnte Ormakkurippukal." He was also an avid supporter of cultural and social organizations and was involved in various initiatives to promote art and culture.

Jagannatha Varma passed away on March 20, 2018, due to cardiac arrest. His death was mourned by his fans and colleagues in the film industry, who remembered him as a talented actor and a kind-hearted person.

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Shringar Nagaraj

Shringar Nagaraj (July 16, 1939 Bangalore-July 16, 2013) was an Indian film producer and actor. His child is called Ramkumar.

Shringar Nagaraj began his career in the film industry as a producer, with his production company, Shringar Films. He produced several successful Kannada films such as "Nan Hendthi Chennagiddale" and "Saaku Magalu". He also acted in some of his productions and gained popularity as an actor.

Apart from being a successful filmmaker, Nagaraj was also actively involved in politics. He joined the Janata Dal party and was elected as a member of the Karnataka Legislative Council in the 1990s.

Nagaraj's contributions to the Kannada film industry were recognized with several awards, including the Karnataka State Film Awards and the Filmfare Awards South. He passed away on his 74th birthday in 2013, leaving behind a legacy in the film industry.

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Mahesh Elkunchwar

Mahesh Elkunchwar (October 9, 1939 Maharashtra-) is an Indian writer, playwright, actor and screenwriter.

He is widely considered to be one of the leading voices of modern Indian theatre. Elkunchwar's plays often contemplate on social issues and the human condition, exploring themes such as gender, power dynamics, and morality. Some of his most famous works include "Holi", "Garbo", and "Party", which have been staged not just in India, but also in other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Elkunchwar has won several awards and accolades throughout his career, including the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and the Sahitya Akademi Award. He has also been honoured with the Padma Shri for his contributions to India's literary and artistic traditions. In addition to writing, Elkunchwar has also acted in a number of plays and films, and has worked as a screenwriter for various television shows and movies.

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R. N. Sudarshan

R. N. Sudarshan (May 2, 1939 Karnataka-) a.k.a. Sudarshan is an Indian actor, film producer and singer.

He began his career in the film industry in the 1960s and has appeared in over 200 films in various languages including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. Some of his notable roles include "Mandyada Gandu," "Kiladi Kittu," and "Vishnu Vijaya" among others. Sudarshan has also produced several films including "Benkiyalli Aralida Hoovu" and "Galate Aliyandru." In addition to his acting and producing career, Sudarshan is also a trained classical singer and has lent his voice to numerous film songs.

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