Indian movie stars born in 1949

Here are 17 famous actors from India were born in 1949:

Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh Roshan (September 6, 1949 Mumbai-) a.k.a. Rakesh Roshanlal Nagrath, Raakesh Roshan, Guddu, Shri Rakesh Roshan, Mr. Rakesh Roshan or Rakesh Roshan Lal Nagrath is an Indian film producer, film director, actor, screenwriter and writer. He has two children, Hrithik Roshan and Sunaina Roshan.

Rakesh Roshan began his career in the film industry as an actor in the late 1960s before making his directorial debut with the film "Khudgarz" in 1987. He went on to direct successful films such as "Khoon Bhari Maang" (1988), "Karan Arjun" (1995), "Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai" (2000), and "Krrish" series (2006-2013). He has also produced several films under his banner Filmkraft Productions Pvt. Ltd., including Hrithik Roshan starrers "Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai," "Koi... Mil Gaya" (2003), and "Krrish" series.

Apart from his successful career in Bollywood, Roshan is also known for his philanthropic work, especially in the field of cancer awareness and patient care. He himself battled throat cancer in 2019 and emerged victorious, becoming a vocal advocate for early detection and treatment of cancer.

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Kabir Suman

Kabir Suman (March 16, 1949 Cuttack-) also known as Suman Chattopadhyay, Kabir Suman, Suman Chatterjee, Chatterjee, Suman, Kabeer Suman or Suman is an Indian actor, singer-songwriter, journalist, politician, singer, film score composer, poet, political activist, television presenter and musician.

Born in Cuttack, Odisha, Kabir Suman was raised and educated in Kolkata, West Bengal. He started his career as a journalist and worked for several newspapers and magazines. In the 1980s, he shifted his focus towards music and released his first album in 1991, which became an instant hit.

Suman's music is known for its unique fusion of Bengali folk, blues and rock music. He has released more than 20 albums and has won several awards for his music, including the prestigious Banga Bhushan Award in 2018.

Apart from music, Suman has also appeared in several films and television shows as an actor. He is also known for his outspoken political views and has been actively involved in various social and political movements in West Bengal. In 2014, he contested the Lok Sabha elections as an independent candidate but was unsuccessful.

Suman continues to be an influential figure in the Bengali music scene and his songs have inspired and influenced several generations of musicians. He remains outspoken on various social and political issues and continues to be a prominent activist in West Bengal.

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Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt (September 20, 1949 Mumbai-) also known as Mahesh or Mahesh Bhat is an Indian film director, screenwriter, actor, film producer and writer. He has four children, Pooja Bhatt, Rahul Bhatt, Shaheen Bhatt and Alia Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt started his career as a director with the film "Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain" in 1974, but his first major success came with the film "Arth" in 1983. He went on to direct several critically acclaimed and commercially successful films such as "Saaransh", "Naam", "Sadak" and "Zakhm".

Besides directing films, Mahesh Bhatt has also written screenplays for numerous films and has produced several successful films under his production company Vishesh Films established in 1987 with his brother Mukesh Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt has won several awards for his contribution to Indian cinema including the National Film Award for Best Screenplay and the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition to his work in the film industry, he is also known for his social activism and has been vocal about several issues related to the society, including child sexual abuse and women's empowerment.

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Kuldeep Pawar

Kuldeep Pawar (June 10, 1949 Kolhapur-March 24, 2014 Mumbai) a.k.a. Kuldip Pawar, Dady, KP or Kuldip was an Indian actor and film producer. His children are called Aishwarya Pawar and Samrudha Pawar.

Kuldeep Pawar was best known for his work in the Marathi film industry, having acted in over 150 films during his career. Some of his notable works include "Jara Japun Ja" (2009), "Dhava Dhav" (2011) and "Guru Pournima" (2014). Apart from acting, he also produced a few Marathi films like "Sushila" (1986) and "Ekulati Ek" (1994).

Pawar's career in films started in the 1970s and he became a prominent figure in Marathi cinema. He was awarded the Maharashtra State Film Award for Best Actor in 2006 for his role in the film "Chakwa". Besides acting, Pawar was also a trained wrestler and had won several trophies in the sport during his youth.

Kuldeep Pawar passed away on March 24, 2014, at the age of 64 due to a heart attack. His contribution to the Marathi film industry is remembered even today, and he is often referred to as one of the finest actors in Marathi cinema.

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Anwar (February 1, 1949 Mumbai-) also known as Anwar Hussain or Anwar Bhai is an Indian singer and actor.

He began his singing career in the 1970s and became popular for his romantic and soulful songs. Some of his famous tracks include "Tere Bina Zindagi Se" from the movie "Aandhi" and "Mere Dil Se Dillagi Na Kar" from the movie "Woh 7 Din". Anwar has also acted in several movies such as "Nishant" and "Pyaasa Sawan". He has won several awards for his contribution to the music industry, including the Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer for the song "Tere Bina Zindagi Se" in 1976. Anwar continues to perform and his music remains popular among music lovers in India and beyond.

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Rajesh Vivek

Rajesh Vivek (January 31, 1949-) also known as Rajesh Vivek Upadhyay is an Indian actor.

He was born in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India and completed his education from National School of Drama, New Delhi. Rajesh Vivek was best known for his roles in the popular Bollywood films Lagaan and Swades. He also appeared in numerous Hindi television shows like Bharat Ek Khoj, Mahabharat and Junoon. In addition to his work in Hindi cinema, he also acted in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films. Vivek was highly regarded in the Indian film industry for his versatility and dedication to his craft. Unfortunately, he passed away on January 14, 2016 in Mumbai, India at the age of 66.

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Joginder Shelly

Joginder Shelly (July 4, 1949 Khanewal-June 15, 2009 Juhu) otherwise known as Jogendra, Jongindar, Jogender, Yoginder, Joginder or Jogindar was an Indian actor, film director, composer, singer, screenwriter, film producer and pilot.

Joginder Shelly belonged to a Punjabi family and started his career in the film industry in 1969 with the film "Main Gate Tere Bhai Ki Hain". He became known for his roles in action films such as "Lalkar", "Garam Masala" and "Allah Meharban To Gadha Pahelwan". He also directed and produced a few films such as "Loha" and "Qatl".

Apart from his career in the film industry, Joginder was also a trained pilot and used to fly his own planes. He was a licenced commercial pilot and owned his own aviation company, Joginders Airline Services. He was also a good musician and composed and sang songs for some of his films.

Joginder Shelly passed away in 2009 at the age of 59 due to a heart attack in Juhu, Mumbai. He will always be remembered as a multi-talented personality of the Indian film industry.

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Kollam Thulasi

Kollam Thulasi (May 29, 1949 Kollam-) also known as Kollam Kanjaveli Kuttilazhikathu Thulasidharan Nair or K.K. Thulasidharan Nair is an Indian actor and poet. His child is called Gayathri Thulasi.

Kollam Thulasi began his career as a theatre artist and later ventured into the film industry. He made his debut in the Malayalam film industry in the year 1979 with the film "Ulkadal." He has acted in over 200 films and is known for his strong character roles. Some of his notable performances include "Godfather," "Pakal Nakshatrangal," and "Thooval Kottaram."

Apart from acting, Kollam Thulasi is also a well-known poet, and has published several collections of poems. He has won numerous awards for his contributions to both theatre and cinema, including the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award and the Kerala Film Critics Award. He is also actively involved in social and cultural activities and has served as the President of the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi.

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Allu Aravind

Allu Aravind (January 10, 1949 West Godavari district-) a.k.a. Aravind Babu Allu or Allu Arvind is an Indian film producer and actor. His children are called Allu Arjun, Allu Sirish and Allu Venkatesh.

He is best known for his work in the Telugu film industry and has produced numerous hit films under his production company, Geetha Arts. Allu Aravind began his career as an actor in the film Pranam Khareedu in 1978, but he soon shifted his focus to producing films. Some of his most successful productions include films like Magadheera, Arya, Bunny, and Ghajini. He has won several awards for his contributions to the film industry, including the prestigious Raghupathi Venkaiah Award. Allu Aravind has also been involved in several philanthropic activities, particularly in the areas of education and healthcare.

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Anirudh Agrawal

Anirudh Agrawal (December 1, 1949 Dehradun-) otherwise known as Anirudh Agarwal or Ajay Agarwal is an Indian actor.

He has worked in a number of films in the Hindi film industry and has also appeared in a few television series. Agrawal started his acting career in the late 1970s and gained popularity for his performances in films like "Amar Akbar Anthony" and "Khoon Pasina". He has also acted in international films like "The Sea Wolves" and "Masoom". Apart from acting, Agrawal has also produced and directed a few films. In addition to his film work, he has also been actively involved in theater and has worked with renowned theater personalities like Habib Tanvir and Girish Karnad. Agrawal has received several accolades for his contributions to Indian cinema, including the prestigious National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the film "Mandi".

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Venu Nagavally

Venu Nagavally (April 16, 1949 Ramankary-September 9, 2010 Thiruvananthapuram) otherwise known as N.S. Venugopal or Venu Nagavalli was an Indian screenwriter, film director and actor. He had one child, Vivek Nagavally.

Venu Nagavally was born in Ramankary, Kerala, India to a family of musicians. His father, Ramakrishnan, was a renowned violinist and a member of the Travancore royal family's palace orchestra. Venu started his career in the film industry as a screenwriter in the 1970s, and soon became a prominent figure in the Malayalam film industry.

Venu directed his first film, "Sukhamo Devi," in 1986, which went on to win the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam. He continued to direct several critically acclaimed and commercially successful films such as "Mazha," "Gandhari," "Sreekrishna Parunthu," and "Aye Auto" among others.

Apart from his work as a screenwriter and director, Venu was also a talented actor who appeared in over 50 films. He was known for his versatile acting skills and portrayed a wide range of characters during his career.

In addition to his work in the film industry, Venu was also a social activist who worked towards the betterment of disadvantaged communities in Kerala. He was actively involved in the efforts to rehabilitate the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in the state.

Venu Nagavally passed away on September 9, 2010, at the age of 61, after suffering from liver and kidney ailments. His death was a great loss to the Malayalam film industry and he is remembered as one of the most talented filmmakers and actors of his generation.

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Crazy Mohan

Crazy Mohan (October 16, 1949 Tamil Nadu-) also known as D. Mohan Kumar, Mohan Rangachari or "Crazy" Mohan is an Indian screenwriter, actor and playwright.

He is best known for his humorous and satirical writing in Tamil cinema, especially for his collaborations with actor Kamal Haasan. Some of the popular films he has written include Michael Madana Kama Rajan, Apoorva Sagodharargal, Avvai Shanmugi and Panchathanthiram. Apart from cinema, he has also written and acted in several successful stage plays, including Crazy Thieves in Palavakkam, Satyam Theatre and Marriage Made in Saloon. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 2021 for his contribution to the field of arts and cinema.

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Rajesh (December 20, 1949 Mannargudi-) also known as Schwartz Williams is an Indian actor, businessperson and teacher. He has two children, Rajesh Divya and Rajesh Deepak.

Rajesh began his acting career in the late 1960s and went on to star in over 200 films across various film industries. He has won several awards for his performances, including the National Film Award for Best Actor for his role in the film "Sudhi" (1985). In addition to his work in films, Rajesh is also a successful businessperson with interests in construction, hospitality, and real estate. He is also a passionate teacher and has taught acting at various institutions in India. Despite his busy schedule, Rajesh remains actively involved in several philanthropic initiatives, particularly those related to education and healthcare. His contributions to the arts and society have earned him widespread admiration and respect from his fans and peers.

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Doddanna (November 11, 1949 Arsikere-) also known as ದೊಡ್ಡಣ್ಣ is an Indian actor and character actor.

He predominantly works in Kannada cinema and is known for his versatile acting skills, having acted in over 500 films in a career spanning more than three decades. Doddanna started his career in theatre in the late 1960s and made his film debut with a small role in the 1977 Kannada film "Thabbaliyu Neenade Magane". He gained prominence with his performance in the 1980 film "Ranganayaki". Some of his notable films include "Naagara Haavu", "Sankarabharanam", "Uyyale", "Suryavamsha", "Simhada Mari", "Janumada Jodi" and "Mungaru Male". He has won several awards for his performances including the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award - South.

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Satish Alekar

Satish Alekar (January 30, 1949 Delhi-) a.k.a. Satish Vasant Alekar is an Indian playwright, actor and theatre director.

He is best known for his contribution to the experimental theatre movement in Maharashtra, India. Alekar is a recipient of several prestigious awards for his works in theatre and literature, including the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1994 and the Padma Shri in 2007. He has written and directed many plays in Marathi, including Mahanirvan, Atirekee, and Begum Barve. Apart from his work in theatre, Alekar has also acted in several Marathi and Hindi films and television shows, including the critically acclaimed Marathi film, Jaago Hua Savera (1980). Alekar has also translated works of notable playwrights, including Badal Sircar, Girish Karnad, and Vijay Tendulkar, into Marathi.

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Raj Kiran

Raj Kiran (February 5, 1949 Mumbai-) also known as Rajkiran, Raj Kiran Mehtani or Raj Kiran Bollywood is an Indian actor and film director. His child is called Rishika Mahtani.

Beginning his career in the late 1970s, Raj Kiran rose to prominence in the 1980s with films like 'Karz', 'Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai' and 'Arth'. He was known for his natural acting style and portrayal of common man characters. In 1988, he made his directorial debut with the film 'Kabzaa' which was well received critically. However, his career took a downturn in the 1990s and he struggled with alcohol addiction and depression. In 2010, he made a comeback with the film 'Familywala' but disappeared from the public eye again in 2015. There were rumors of him being homeless and being taken care of by a fan, but the news was never confirmed.

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Lalit Behl

Lalit Behl (August 15, 1949-) is an Indian actor, writer, film director and film producer. His child is called Kanu Behl.

Lalit Behl began his career as a civil servant but his love for theatre and acting led him to quit his job and pursue his passion. He co-founded a theatre group called 'Aurangzeb Theatre Group' in Delhi and performed in various plays. Lalit made his acting debut in Satish Kaushik's film 'Surya' in 1989 and went on to act in several Bollywood films including 'Titli', 'Mukti Bhawan', and 'Gali Guliyan'.

Apart from acting, Lalit also directed and produced films. He directed the critically acclaimed film 'The Threshold' in 2015, which won the National Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi. He also produced his son Kanu Behl's debut film 'Titli', which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014.

In addition to his work in film and theatre, Lalit Behl wrote several books, including the novel 'Kanu'. He was known for his diverse talents and contributions to Indian cinema and literature. Lalit passed away on April 23, 2021, due to COVID-19 complications at the age of 72.

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