Indian movie stars died at 44

Here are 3 famous actors from India died at 44:

Emile Czaja

Emile Czaja (April 5, 2015 Hungary-May 16, 1970 Singapore) also known as King Kong was an Indian actor and wrestler.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Vedantam Raghavaiah

Vedantam Raghavaiah (April 5, 2015 Krishna district-April 5, 1971) was an Indian film director, actor, film producer and choreography. He had one child, Shubha.

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Rakesh Deewana

Rakesh Deewana (December 31, 1969 Hathras-April 27, 2014 Indore) a.k.a. Rakesh Dewana was an Indian actor.

He died caused by surgical complications.

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