Indian movie stars died in 2000

Here are 14 famous actors from India died in 2000:

Balan K. Nair

Balan K. Nair (April 4, 1933 Chemancheri-August 26, 2000 Thiruvananthapuram) also known as Balan K Nair was an Indian actor. His children are called Ajayakumar Nair, Latha Nair, Sujatha Nair, Anil Nair and Meghanadhan.

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Jaishankar (July 12, 1938 Chennai-June 3, 2000 Chennai) a.k.a. Jai Shanker, Jay Shankar, Jaishanker, Subramaniam Shankar, Jai Shankar, Thennagathu James Bond, South Indian James Bond, Friday star, Jayashanker, Jayashankar, Makkal Kalingnar Jaishankar or Jai Sankar was an Indian actor and philanthropist. He had one child, Dr.Vijay Shankar.

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Kuthiravattam Pappu

Kuthiravattam Pappu (November 27, 2014 Feroke-February 25, 2000 Kozhikode) also known as Padmadalashan, Pappu, Master Papu, Master Pappu, Pappoo, Papoo or Padmadalakshan was an Indian actor and comedian. He had three children, Binu Pappu, Biju Pappu and Bindu Pappu.

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Bahadoor (November 27, 2014 Kodungallur-May 22, 2000 Chennai) otherwise known as P. K. Kunjalu, Kunjalu Kochumoideen Padiyath or Bahadur was an Indian actor and comedian. He had three children, Siddhiq Kunjalu, Muhammed Kunjalu and Rukiya Kunjalu.

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K. N. Singh

K. N. Singh (September 1, 1908 Dehradun-January 31, 2000 Mumbai) also known as K.N.Singh, Krishna Niranjan Singh, Krishan Narayan, Krishan Narayan Singh, Krishan Niranjan, Krishan Niranjan Singh or K.N. Singh was an Indian actor.

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Paidi Jairaj

Paidi Jairaj (September 28, 1909 Karimnagar-August 11, 2000 Mumbai) a.k.a. J. Raj, Jai Raj, Jayraj, Jairaj or P. Jairaj was an Indian actor, film director and film producer.

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Mukri (January 5, 1922 Alibag-September 4, 2000 Mumbai) also known as Mohammed Umer Mukri, Muqri or Muhammad Umar Mukri was an Indian actor. He had five children, Naseem Mukri, Nasir Mukri, Amina Mukri, Faruk Mukri and Bilal Mukri.

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Ishaq Bux

Ishaq Bux (June 15, 1917 Kampur-September 2, 2000 London) was an Indian actor.

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Mahavir Shah

Mahavir Shah (November 27, 1960 Mumbai-August 31, 2000 Chicago) a.k.a. Mahaveer Shah, Late Mahavir Shah, Late Mahaveer Sah or Mahaveer was an Indian actor.

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Basanta Choudhury

Basanta Choudhury (May 5, 1928 Nagpur-June 20, 2000 Kolkata) a.k.a. Vasant Choudhury, Vasant Choudhary, Vasant Chowdhury, Basanta Chowdhury or Basant Choudhury was an Indian actor and sheriff.

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Jack Gaud

Jack Gaud (November 27, 2014-June 8, 2000 Mumbai) a.k.a. Jack Gaurd, Jack Gaur or Late Jack Gaur was an Indian actor and producer.

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P. Lankesh

P. Lankesh (March 8, 1935 Shimoga district-January 25, 2000 Bangalore) also known as Palyada Lankeshappa was an Indian writer, film director, actor and lyricist. His children are called Indrajit Lankesh, Gauri Lankesh and Kavitha Lankesh.

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Purushottam Laxman Deshpande

Purushottam Laxman Deshpande (November 8, 1919 Mumbai-June 12, 2000 Pune) otherwise known as पुरुषोत्तम लक्ष्मण देशपांडे, पु. ल. or Pu. La. was an Indian film director, actor and writer.

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Madhavapeddi Satyam

Madhavapeddi Satyam (March 11, 1922 Bapatla-December 18, 2000 Chennai) also known as Madhavapeddi was an Indian actor, singer and playback singer. His child is called Madhavapeddi Murthy.

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