Indian musicians died at 67

Here are 10 famous musicians from India died at 67:

Balan K. Nair

Balan K. Nair (April 4, 1933 Chemancheri-August 26, 2000 Thiruvananthapuram) also known as Balan K Nair was an Indian actor. His children are called Ajayakumar Nair, Latha Nair, Sujatha Nair, Anil Nair and Meghanadhan.

He died caused by cancer.

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Edasseri Govindan Nair

Edasseri Govindan Nair (December 23, 1906-October 16, 1974) was an Indian writer.

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Sajjad Zaheer

Sajjad Zaheer (November 5, 1905 Lucknow-September 13, 1973 Almaty) also known as Syed Sajjad Zaheer was an Indian writer, politician and playwright. He had four children, Nadira Babbar, Noor Zaheer, Najma Ali Baquer and Naseem Bhatia.

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Lal Behari Dey

Lal Behari Dey (December 18, 1824 India-April 5, 1892) was an Indian writer.

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Nirad Mohapatra

Nirad Mohapatra (November 12, 1947 Odisha-February 19, 2015 Mumbai) a.k.a. Nirad Mohapatra or Nirad N. Mahapatra was an Indian film director, screenwriter and film producer.

He died as a result of cardiac arrest.

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H. M. Reddy

H. M. Reddy (June 12, 1892 Karnataka-January 14, 1960 Chennai) a.k.a. HM Reddy, Hanumappa Muniappa Reddy or Hanumantha Muniappa Reddy was an Indian film director and film producer.

He died caused by natural causes.

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Nigar Sultana

Nigar Sultana (June 21, 1932 Hyderabad-May 1, 2000 Mumbai) a.k.a. Nigar was an Indian actor. She had one child, Hina Kausar.

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Veloor Krishnankutty

Veloor Krishnankutty (July 5, 1936 India-August 22, 2003) was an Indian writer.

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Gulabrao Patil

Gulabrao Patil (September 16, 1921 Benadi-January 21, 1989 Pune) was an Indian politician.

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Wilfy Rebimbus

Wilfy Rebimbus (April 2, 1942 Mangalore-March 9, 2010) a.k.a. Wilfred Gerald Rebimbus or Wilfy was an Indian singer and film score composer.

He died in lung cancer.

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