Indonesian movie actors born in the year 1976

Here are 14 famous actors from Indonesia were born in 1976:

Entis Sutisna

Entis Sutisna (November 15, 1976 Cimahi-) also known as Sule is an Indonesian comedian, actor and singer. His children are called Rizky, Rizwan, Ferdinand and Putri.

Joko Anwar

Joko Anwar (January 3, 1976 Medan-) is an Indonesian screenwriter, film director, actor and film producer.

Robin Moran

Robin Moran (January 2, 1976 Jakarta-) also known as Robin Johanes de Britto Moran is an Indonesian film producer, film editor and actor.

Indra Herlambang

Indra Herlambang (March 16, 1976 Jakarta-) is an Indonesian actor, presenter and writer.

Deddy Corbuzier

Deddy Corbuzier (December 28, 1976 Jakarta-) also known as Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo is an Indonesian actor, magician, stand-up comedian and comedian. His child is called Azkanio Nikola Corbuzier.

Agung Udijana

Agung Udijana (June 12, 1976 Harderwijk-) also known as Agung or Anak Agung Gedhe Agung Hardiantara Udijana is an Indonesian actor, model and musician.

Arie K. Untung

Arie K. Untung (January 15, 1976 Jakarta-) also known as Arie Untung is an Indonesian actor, presenter and comedian. He has two children, Misbareta Fathir Gavin Daffa and Misbareta Aisyah Mikhaila.

Richard Barenberg

Richard Barenberg (June 22, 1976 Surabaya-) is an Indonesian actor.

Irgy Ahmad Fahrezy

Irgy Ahmad Fahrezy (May 12, 1976 Jakarta-) a.k.a. Irgi A. Fahrenzi or Irgi Ahmad Fahrezi is an Indonesian actor and presenter. He has two children, Althaf Achmad Fazian Fahrezi and Raffta Achmad Adhaza Fahrezi.


Ramzi (May 23, 1976 Jakarta-) is an Indonesian actor. He has one child, Asila Maisa Fatihah.

Franki Indrasmoro Sumbodo

Franki Indrasmoro Sumbodo (January 15, 1976 Kudus Regency-) also known as Pepeng or Pepeng NAIF is an Indonesian musician, actor, singer-songwriter, writer and drummer.

Uli Herdinansyah

Uli Herdinansyah (July 19, 1976 Balikpapan-) is an Indonesian actor and presenter.

Arie Dagienkz

Arie Dagienkz (April 7, 1976 Indonesia-) also known as Arie Apriludy is an Indonesian actor, radio personality and television presenter.

Philip Jusuf

Philip Jusuf (May 11, 1976 Berlin-) also known as Phillip Jusuf Jauw is an Indonesian actor.

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