Indonesian movie actresses born in the year 1966

Here are 6 famous actresses from Indonesia were born in 1966:

Suti Karno

Suti Karno (April 28, 1966 Jakarta-) is an Indonesian actor.

Omas Wati

Omas Wati (May 3, 1966-) is an Indonesian actor and comedian.

Titi DJ

Titi DJ (May 27, 1966 Jakarta-) also known as Titi Dwijayati or Titi Dwi Jayati is an Indonesian singer and actor. She has six children, Salma Mucthar, Salwa Mucthar, Daffa Mucthar, Stephanie Dougharty, Excel and Keisha.

Paramitha Rusady

Paramitha Rusady (August 11, 1966 Makassar-) is an Indonesian actor, singer and presenter.

Nurul Arifin

Nurul Arifin (July 18, 1966 Bandung-) also known as Nurul Qomaril Arifin is an Indonesian actor and politician. Her children are called Maura Magnalia Madyaratri and Melkior Mirari Manusaktri.

Clara Sinta

Clara Sinta (July 26, 1966 New York-) is an Indonesian actor.

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