Indonesian musicians died when they were 40

Here are 1 famous musicians from Indonesia died at 40:

Donald Izacus Pandjaitan

Donald Izacus Pandjaitan (June 9, 1925 Indonesia-October 1, 1965) was an Indonesian personality. He had six children, Catherine Pandjaitan, Masa Arestina Pandjaitan, Salomo Pandjaitan, Hotmangaraja Pandjaitan, Tuthy Kamarati Pandjaitan and Riri Budiasri Pandjaitan.

Donald Izacus Pandjaitan was a highly decorated military officer who played a significant role in the Indonesian struggle for independence. He served in the Indonesian Army and held several positions including Commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad). Pandjaitan was also a member of the National Mandate Party.

In 1965, he was one of the targets of the failed coup attempt, which ultimately led to the downfall of President Sukarno's government. Pandjaitan was arrested, accused of being involved in the coup, and executed by firing squad.

Pandjaitan's legacy is still honored in Indonesia today, as he is regarded as a national hero for his service to the country. His children have also followed in his footsteps, with some serving in the military and politics.

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