Iranian actors born in 1974

Here are 6 famous actors from Iran were born in 1974:

Pejman Bazeghi

Pejman Bazeghi (August 10, 1974 Tehran-) also known as پژمان بازغی is an Iranian actor.

Shahab Hosseini

Shahab Hosseini (February 3, 1974 Tehran-) also known as Seyed Shahabedin Hosseini Tonekaboni, Shahab Hoseini or Seyed Shahabedin Hosseini is an Iranian actor. He has two children, Amir Ali Hosseini and Mohammad Amin Hosseini.

Al Nazemian

Al Nazemian (March 30, 1974 Iran-) a.k.a. Al Naz is an Iranian actor.

Hesam Navabsafavi

Hesam Navabsafavi (September 13, 1974 Tehran-) also known as Hesam Navab Safavi, Hesam Navvab Safavi or Husam Al Sayed Nawab Safavi is an Iranian actor and lawyer.

Amir Jafari

Amir Jafari (September 1, 1974 Gonabad-) also known as Amir Ja'fari is an Iranian actor.

Sam Derakhshani

Sam Derakhshani (April 22, 1974 Tehran-) is an Iranian actor.

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