Belgian musicians who were born in 1959

Here are 6 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1959:

Praga Khan

Praga Khan (January 7, 1959 Herselt-) also known as Praga Kahn, Maurice Engelen, Pragha Khan, Pragakhan, Khan, Praga or Maurice Joseph Francois Engelen is a Belgian musician, songwriter, composer and record producer.

His most recognized albums: My Mind Is My Enemy / Luv U Still, Twenty First Century Skin, Mixed Up, Love Power, Injected With a Poison, Free Your Body (Injected with a Poison), Freakazoidz, Falling, 2004 (Life) and Electric Religion. Genres: New Beat, Industrial music, Techno, Acid house, Rave music, Film score, House music, Industrial dance and Trance music.

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Danny Devos

Danny Devos (September 20, 1959 Vilvoorde-) is a Belgian , .

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Peter Vermeersch

Peter Vermeersch (September 25, 1959 Waregem-) also known as Vermeersch, Peter is a Belgian composer.

Discography: Minoes. Genres: Film score.

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Bart Peeters

Bart Peeters (November 30, 1959 Mortsel-) a.k.a. Peeters, Bart, Vettige or Swa De Bock is a Belgian singer and actor. His children are called Pablo Peeters, Winnie Peeters and Nona Peeters.

Discography: Het plaatje van Bart Peeters: 14 nummers uit "Zonder circus", Het plaatje van Bart Peeters, Slimmer dan de zanger, De Hemel in het Klad, Heist aan Zee, De ideale man, Slimmer dan de zanger: Live in Leuven, Het ergste uit "Het leugenpaleis", and .

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Lucas Van den Eynde

Lucas Van den Eynde (February 23, 1959 Belgium-) also known as Eynde, van den, Lucas, Lucas van den Eijnde, Lukas Van Den Eynde or Lucas Van Den Eynde is a Belgian voice actor and actor. He has two children, Flore Van den Eynde and Lou Van Den Eynde.

His most recognized albums: Formidabele Kerstmis.

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Klaus Klang

Klaus Klang (September 26, 1959 Brussels-) also known as Klang, Klaus is a Belgian , .

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