Iraqi actresses who deceased at age 73

Here are 1 famous actresses from Iraq died at 73:


Nadira (December 5, 1932 Baghdad-February 9, 2006 Tardeo) also known as Farhat Ezekiel Nadira, Nadiraji, Florence Ezekiel Nadira, Farhat Ezekiel, Farhat or Florence was an Iraqi actor.

She died in stroke.

Nadira was widely regarded as one of the most glamorous and talented actresses of her time. She began her career in the Hindi film industry in the 1950s and went on to act in over 50 films, mostly playing the role of the seductive and sophisticated leading lady. Her breakthrough role came in 1952's "Aan," where she starred opposite Bollywood icon Dilip Kumar. In addition to her acting career, Nadira was also known for her impeccable fashion sense and was often considered a style icon in the Indian film industry. After retiring from acting in the 1970s, she dedicated her life to philanthropy and spent her time working for various charities. Her legacy as a trailblazer for women in the Indian film industry continues to inspire generations of actors and actresses.

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