Iraqi music stars who deceased at age 27

Here are 2 famous musicians from Iraq died at 27:

Ghazi of Iraq

Ghazi of Iraq (March 21, 1912 Mecca-April 4, 1939 Baghdad) also known as Ghazi bin Faisal or Ġāzī bin Fayṣal was an Iraqi personality. He had one child, Faisal II of Iraq.

Ghazi of Iraq was the son of Faisal I of Iraq and Huzaima bint Nasser, and he was the third king of Iraq. He ascended to the throne in 1933 after the death of his father. Ghazi of Iraq is largely remembered for his attempts to modernize Iraq, including promoting secular education and prohibiting the wearing of the veil by women.

However, his rule was also marked by controversy and turbulence. He frequently clashed with the political and religious establishment in Iraq, and his attempts to centralize power were often met with resistance. Additionally, his foreign policy decisions, particularly his efforts to align Iraq with Nazi Germany, were widely criticized.

Tragically, Ghazi of Iraq's life was cut short at the age of 27 when he died in a car accident under suspicious circumstances. Many believe that he was assassinated by political rivals who desired to remove him from power. After his death, his son Faisal II of Iraq ascended to the throne as a minor, and Iraq was ruled by a regency council until Faisal II reached adulthood.

During Ghazi of Iraq's short reign, he also sought to strengthen Iraq's military by creating a national army and increasing the country's air force capabilities. He also implemented social reforms, such as the abolition of slavery and the establishment of a labor code. Ghazi of Iraq was known for his charisma and love of sports, particularly horse racing and shooting. He was also an avid poet and wrote under the pen name "Ghazi al-Taqaddum." Despite his controversial reign, Ghazi of Iraq is still remembered as a figure who sought to modernize Iraq and steer it towards the path of progress. However, his legacy is also tinged with tragedy and speculation over the circumstances of his untimely death.

He died in homicide.

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Hasan al-Askari

Hasan al-Askari (December 6, 0846 Samarra-January 27, 0874 Samarra) was an Iraqi personality. He had one child, Muhammad al-Mahdi.

Hasan al-Askari was the eleventh Imam of Twelver Shia Islam, and a descendant of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through his daughter, Fatima (RA) and her husband, Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA). Hasan al-Askari's life was marked by political turmoil and persecution from the ruling Abbassid Caliphate. He lived his entire life in Samarra, and was under constant surveillance from the authorities. Despite these challenges, he is remembered for promoting unity and social justice among his followers. His death at a young age led to the belief that his son, Muhammad al-Mahdi, had gone into hiding and will return as the ultimate savior and the twelfth Imam of Shia Islam.

During his lifetime, Hasan al-Askari was known for his extensive knowledge of religious texts, particularly in the fields of jurisprudence and theology. He also placed a strong emphasis on spirituality and the practice of good deeds, urging his followers to live their lives with piety and to help those in need. Hasan al-Askari was succeeded by his son, Muhammad al-Mahdi, who is believed by Shia Muslims to still be in hiding and will return one day to bring justice to the world. Hasan al-Askari's shrine in Samarra is a significant site of pilgrimage for Shia Muslims around the world.

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